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Bistoon Archaeological Region

The Behestan Mountains with a height of about 2,794 m. above sea level is located to the right of the of Kermanshah - Hamadan Road. This mountain in different periods was called by the names of Boqestan, Begestan and Bistoon, and today is known as Bistoon. Bistoon ...
Chamchal Ancient City, Bistoon

In the down skirts of the Bistoon Mountains by the command of Mohammad Khodabandeh the Oljayto (703-716 AH.) a town was built known as "Soltan Abad Chamchal" or "litle Baqdad". This town was constructed by the Eilkhani soltans in order to be used as ...
Shahpour Palace

Near the city of Harsin there is the ruins of a Sassanide palace. This palace belongs to the era of Shapour Sassanide I. Inside the palace there is a fire-temple and an altar for sacrifice. The signs and elements of this structure show that Shapour Sassanide ...
Bistoon Village

Bistoon is a part of the Harsin township and comprises of two villages named as "Chamchal" and "Shinez". Bistoon the center of the Chamchal Village is located in a mountainous area. The Dinvar River takes its source from four branches originating from ...
Abu Dajajeh Mausoleum

This mausoleum is located in the Rijab Village a district of Kerend of Islam Abad Qarb. Its structure is related to the Saljuqi period. It is believed that the person buried here was "Sammak Ben Khoosheh" from the Ous tribe and a close relative of Sa'd ...
Ab Jalan River

The Ab Jalan River flows from the Azgaleh Village of the Javan Rood township. The length of this river is 30 km. This river originates from the western slopes of the Molachieh Mountains (53 km. southwest of Paveh), and flows to the northwest and combines ...
Kavat Cave

This cave is among the famous caves of Kermanshah. It is located on Shahoo Mountains in the serene scenic valley, north of the outskirts of the Javan Rood. The cave opening is located at a height of 1660 m. above the sea level and forms an area with ...
Ravansar Village

Ravansar is a district of Javan Rood and is located 22 km. southeast of it. It comprises of 3 villages, named as Hassan Abad, Badr and Dowlat Abad. These villages is the foothills have a temperate and semi- humid climate. The Ravansar and Garab Rivers ...
Anahita Temple

In Kangavar, on an elevated rocky platform, is the remnants of a majestic structure. The same belongs to the pre-Islamic era and was known as Anahita. The name of this temple is depicted from Anahita (Nahid) who was a deity and gaurd angel of water, ...
Borj Hill

Near the Jooda hill towards the Borj Valley there is a rather tall hill with the remnants of an old castle. The surface of the hill was covered with pieces of plain and glazed earthenware which mostly belonged to the Sassanide and Parthian periods. Among ...
Grand Bath (Sarchoob Bath)

One of the ancient baths of Kangavar, is the Bozorg or big bath in the Sarjoob vicinity. The entrance door of bath faces the south. From the door 8 steps lead to a rectangular area. The arched ceiling of the stairs is in a zigzag style. This area leads ...
Jooda (Jewish) Hill

In the north of Kangavar there are the remnants of some ancient hills, the most famous of which is called the "Jooda hill". According to the inhabitants in past there used to be a Jewish cemetery at this site, thus the name. This relatedly large and ...
Koocheh Brick Bridge

To the north of the Koocheh Village, in the vicinity of Goodin Village of Kangavar is a brick bridge. This is a construction belonging to the Shah Abbas era, and lies in a west to east direction on the Ab Khoram. The same is 68.80 m. in length, the base ...
Rostam Abad Hill

Near the Rostam Abad Village dwellings, 13 km. northeast of Kangavar, a large ancient hill is located. From its tombs, pre-historic vestiges have been discovered which are similar to those pre-historic vestiges of Nahavand. This vicinity is related to ...
Sary Aslan Castle

The grand building of the Sary Aslan Castle is located to the north of the city of Kangavar. The main materials used in its construction are, brick, clay and gypsum. The primary structure of the castle had an external large court yard and a building ...
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