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Pahlavi Script Inscriptions

Throughout Bistoon and its surroundings, wherever a sculptured stone or structure is present, scripts dating to the Sassanide era can be noted. Such as the 427 symbols engraved on stones in vicinities like the Safavid caravansary of Bistoon, the Safavid ...
Parthian Miteridant Inscription

Under the Achaemanian inscription of Bistoon, is the archaic embossment of the Parthian that has come to light to date. The same is an engraving of 100 years BC. The same has come to reveal that the Parthian ruler of the time, selected the location of ...
Parthian Temple

To the north of the Dariush engraving in Bistoon, are the remnants of a structure from the Parthian period. The same is a temple or a worshiping site built during the Parthian period, coinciding with the construction of another relic in Bistoon. This ...
Taq-e-Bostan Engraving

The "Taq-e-Bostan" (Bostan Arch) or "Taq-e-Vostan" (Vostan Arch) is situated to the right of the city entrance of Kermanshah, and is to the north east of this city. This aggregate which comprises of engravings and epigraphs is related to the Sassanide ...
Other Ancient Cities and Archaeological Hills

Other ancient areas of the province includes: the ancient Sassanide road in Bistoon area, the ancient city of Kambadneh between the Taq-e-Bostan and Kermanshah city, the Mambeh-e-Ab Hill in north west Kangavar, the Shalmaran hill 2 km. west of Kangavar, ...
Other Castles and Forts

The other castles of the province are as follows: Qela Hajir 18 km. north west of Sahneh, Yazdgerdi Castle 12 km. north west of Rijab -Yan Zardeh district of Kerend, Zardeh castle in north western Rijab, Shahin Castle in 18 km. of Qasr-e-Shirin - Kermanshah ...
Other Engravings and Inscriptions

Small Bistoon inscriptions, no. 1 Bistoon inscription (related to primary Islamic centuries), no. 2 Bistoon inscription placed in the old caravansary of Bistoon (related to 3rd and 4th centuries AH.), no. 3 Bistoon inscription on sculptured stones in ...
Other Fire Temples

The other fire temples of the province are as follows: Kaikavoos rock tomb in north Sahneh, related to the Medes and the Medes platform in Bistoon related to the first millennium BC.
Other Historical Bridges and Caravansaries

The other caravansaries and old bridges are as follows: Islam Abad Qarb Caravansary, Mahidasht Caravansary in north east plain of Mahidasht, Nouji Veran Bridge in Najoran Chamchal village 24 km. west of Sahneh, the Rahan Brick Bridge 22 km. north west ...
Other Old Public Baths

The other old baths of the province are: Haj Asqar Khan and Hassan Khan baths in Kangavar.
Dowlatshah Mosque

This mosque is located in the Javanshir Square of Kermanshah and dates back to the Qajar period and was built by Mohammad Ali Mirza Dowlatshah in the years 1221-1237 AH. In recent years this mosque has been repaired, comprising of separate nocturnal ...
Emadoddoleh Mosque

This mosque is located in Kermanshah and is a relic from the Qajar period. The primary building of the Emadoddoleh Mosque was constructed in 1285 AH. This building which has been renovated in subsequent periods, is used as a school of religious sciences. ...
Kermanshah Jame' Mosque

This mosque is placed in Kermanshah city and is a relic from the late Zandieh period which in 1196 AH. was constructed appearently at the site of the former mosque by Alikhan Zanganeh, the governor of Kermanshah. What has remained from the mosque old ...
Moavenol Molk Mourning Place

The mourning place and Hossainieh of Moavenol Molk comprises of 3 buildings such as the Abbasieh, Hossaineh and Zeinabieh, located in the city center of Kermanshah. The Tekieh has 2 courtyards and a building in the center. The Hossainieh walls are covered ...
Other Mausoleums and Imamzadehs

Other pilgrimage sites and Imamzadeh of the province are: Imamzadeh Abbas Ali in Dinvar of Sahneh township, pilgrimage site of Takht-e-Teimoor in north Sahneh, Imamzadeh Pirketan in Mahmood Abad Village 12 km. north west of Sahneh, Noor Bakhsh Mausoleum ...
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