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Khorram Abad
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Other Old Mosques

The Imamzadeh Kangavar Mosque in the Gachkan vicinity, Haj Shahbaz Khan Mosque in Kermanshah, Mo'tamed Mosque in Kermanshah (Qajar era), Rijab Mosque in Islam Abad Qarb, a structure related to the early Islamic or the Sassanide period. The Shahzadeh ...
Asangaran Cave

This cave is situated to the north west of the Poraw Mountain in a gorge called Tang Kouh, 22 km. of the Kermanshah - Sanandaj Road. The Asangaran Cave has 4 wells to the depths of 4, 8, 16 and 36 m. Its third and fourth wells are interconnected. At ...
Chal Abad Mountain

The Chal Abad Mountains are located 50 km. northwest of Kermanshah. The same reach an elevation of 2,444 m. This mountain along with others such as, Vellari, Hashlan, Khurir, Hool Hool, and Khaqaneh form a small elevated area. The highest summit of the ...
Imam Hassan Mineral Water Spring

This spring is located in the township of Kermanshah and has less importance than the other springs.

In between the mountains of Kermanshah there are narrow and wide plains formed by the accumulation of alluvium materials. The most important of them are: The plain among the Alvand heights and the Bid Sorkh Sahneh Mountains that is about 55 km. in width ...
Poraw Cave

This cave is located in the Poraw Mountain (Zagross Mountain Range), to the north of this province. The Poraw Cave is the largest calcareous cave in the world and its structure is related to the third period of geology. Inside the cave there are 26 wells ...
Poraw Mountain

The mountainous region of Poraw in the northeast of Kermanshah has an area of about 1,020 sq. km. It consists of various mountains such as Taq Bostan , Bistoon Poraw (3,257 m), Kamar Kabood peak (2,916 m) of the Chaleh Zand Mountains. The most important ...
Protected Wildlife Zones and Hunting Sites

In the past, Kermanshah was one of the important wildlife zones of Iran. Engravings of the Taq-e-Bostan margin shows the aspects of this hunting ground. In the groves and highlands of the province, various types of birds both migratory and endemic are ...
Sarab Kangavar River

The Sarab Kangavar River is 40 km. in length and takes its source from eastern slopes of the Amrouleh Mountains which is at a 75 km. distance northeast of Kermanshah. After passing the Hezar Khan Sarab, Khoram Abad Villages and… adjoins several tributaries ...
Sarab Niloofar Wetland

The Niloofar Sarab (wetland) is located 30 km. northwest of Kermanshah and in THE Kermanshah - Kouzran road. This wetland has a large pool covered with lotus flowers. The same is a recreational area, besides which fishing is also possible here.
Other Altitudes and Peaks

The other important mountains of the Kermanshah province are the Dallahoo and Shahoo Mountains.
Tayounehnav and other Caves

The other caves are as follow: The Tayounehnav Cave in the Badreh region of Kermanshah, the Roteil Cave on the Kermanshah - Kerend and Rijab Route.
Other Springs and Wetlands

Other wetlands of province are: Yavari Wetland in the Kermanshah - Ravansar Road, Naji Veran 15 km. of Sonqor - Bistoon Road, Taq Bostan Wetland north of Kermanshah in the mountain slopes of Taq Bostan. Khezr Zendeh and Khezr Elias Wetlands 34 km. northwest ...
Kermanshah Museum

The said aggregate in one of the religious and historical structures of the Qajar period granted to the then Ministry of Culture by the family of Moavenol Molk.. A major portion of this edifice has undergone repairs by the cultural Heritage Organization ...
Mahidasht Village

The Mahidasht sector which is the district of Kermanshah has two villages called Mahidasht and Chaqa Narges. The Shahr-e-Robat Village is the center of Mahidasht and is among rural areas with historical relics situated on a plain with the Merek river ...
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