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Imamzadeh Baqer

The structure of Imamzadeh is located in the Goudin village of the central district of Kangavar. This brick made building externally has a quadrilateral plan but internally is octagonal. The octagonal side walls are large and small alternately. On the ...
Imamzadeh Seyed Jamaledin

The said is located in the Fash Village of Kangavar. It comprises of a mausoleum, porch and an anteroom. The mausoleum is made of brick and is quadrilateral in shape. Internally, the plan is circular with a short round dome. A tombstone with the 'Kufic' ...
Kangavar Jame' Mosque

The main building of this mosque was destroyed completely in the earthquake of 1957. A new mosque has been built on its site. Alike the former, the new building is also rectangular in shape, but increased in length. In the present structure, the nocturnal ...
Abdol Spring

This spring is a famous spring of Kangavar that originates from the hill slopes in the north of Kangavar. This spring irrigates the Abdol spring sector. The Imam Allah Khan Aslani castle is fed from the branches of this spring.
Hendi Abad Spring

The Hendi Abad spring is located northeast of Kangavar and provides the irrigating water of the Hendi Abad sector of the city.
Saifoor Spring

The Saifoor spring is located 2 km. northeast of Kangavar and is surrounded with greenery. Due to its surroundings it provides a recreational area for local inhabitants and visitors.
Sarab Kangavar River

The Sarab Kangavar River is 40 km. in length and takes its source from eastern slopes of the Amrouleh Mountains which is at a 75 km. distance northeast of Kermanshah. After passing the Hezar Khan Sarab, Khoram Abad Villages and… adjoins several tributaries ...
Arsacidian Goodarz the 2nd Inscription

To the east of the Miteridat embossment, on the same rock, is the engraving of one of his successors named as, Goodarz II (46-51 AD.). This Impression depicts the victory of Goodarz II on his rival Mehrdad, and also shows the presence of two riders armed ...
Bistoon (Sheikh Ali Khan) Caravansary

This caravansary is located in Bistoon and has four porches. The same has been built by Sheikh Ali Khan Zanganeh. Its building is in a rectangular in form. In its rectangular courtyard there are 47 rooms for travelers. The caravansary has 4 circular ...
Bistoon Inscription

The primary scientific studies regarding the engravements and inscriptions of Bistoon were made in 1835, by Henry Rawlinson, a young British officer. After which this research was carried on by several scientists who added their discoveries to this historical ...
Dariush Inscriptions

The above mentioned is an embossment on a rock, and the main feature depicted here is that of Dariush (Dariush). The monarch has a scalloped crown on the head, and his left foot rests on the chest of Geomat. Behind him are two bodyguards. Above the head ...
Faratash (Farhad Tarash) Inscription

To the south of the engraving of Dariush the Great, in the Bistoon Mountains, is a gigantic engraved rampart or wall, reputedly known as Faratash and Takht-e-Farhad by the inhabitants. It is said that the same was engraved by a decree issued by Khosrow ...
Herkool Statue

Alongside the Bistoon - Kermanshah Road, is an embossment of a heroic figure leaning against a piece of lion skin. This embossment shows a completely naked and powerful man with curly hair and beard. He is leaning on his left side under the shelter of ...
Kermanshah Bazaar

One of the noticeable and important buildings of Kermanshah is its large and ancient market (bazaar), and its primary structure is related to the Qajar period. This bazaar is adorned in a splendor style. The goods available here are: local colored apparel, ...
Khosrow Bridge

Along the old road of Bistoon to Takht-e-Shirin and Sarmaj there are gigantic bases of the famous Khosrow Bridge. The construction of the Khosrow Bridge is attributed to Shah Khosrow Sassanid. The Khosrow Bridge is the only bridge that the Arabs crossed, ...
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