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Paveh Jame' Mosque

The said structure is related to the 13th century AH. and lacks a courtyard. This mosque has a rectangular-shaped nocturnal area and its wooden leveled covering rests on 15 wooden columns. Its adythum was in the southern side of the mosque. the building ...
Qoori Qal'eh Cave

Among the oak forests of Oramanat and Paveh at a distance of 90 km. from Kermanshah, exists the Qoori Qaleh Cave which is considered the largest cave with water in Asia. This cave begins in the Qoori Qaleh Village and according to people continues till ...
Zamkan River

The Zamkan River is in the limits of Paveh and Islam Abad Qarb. The length of this river is 160 km. and originates from the southern slopes of the Shahan Mountains 62 km. north west of Islam Abad. This river passes through various villages and after ...
Chahar Qapoo Fire Temple

The same is a historical monument of the Sassanide era in Qasr-e-Shirin. It was constructed of stone and gypsum and was counted as one of the largest fire temples of the Sassanid period. The fire temple has a square shaped chamber in the center with ...
Housh Koori Palace

The ruin of this Sassanide palace is located to the north of Qasr-e-Shirin, reputedly known as Housh Koori by the inhabitants. This palace was one of the great palaces in its lines and now lies in a state of ruin.
Sassanide Palace (Khosravi Edifice)

The ruins of a few Sassanide palaces and other relics which indicate the expansion of such Sassanide structures are remains in Qasr-e-Shirin. The aggregate of relics of such edifices, are currently reputedly known as the Khosravi edifice. Its construction ...
Kangakoosh River

The Kangakoosh River is within the limits of Naft Shahr and Qasr-e-Shirin and flows upto Iran - Iraq border. It is 60 km. in length. This river originates from watersheds of the Bandmian and Darblouie Mountains (7 km. southwest of Gilan Qarb), after ...
Khosravi Bridge

On the old road of Dinvar to Sahneh and between Baba Kamal and Ahmad Aaqa villages, on the old route of the Kangarshah River are the relics of the base of an ancient bridge. The bridge is about 100 m. in length and has 5 springs. As far as the cobbled ...
Pachaman Bath

This old bath is located in the Pachaman locality of Sahneh city. The entrance door of the bath faces south west and opens to a sarbineh or cloak room. The structure of which is octagonal. Here there are four large platforms with 4 smaller platforms ...
Qeh La Marvan Castle (Marvan Castle)

The same is located in the Kandouleh Village, which is a suburb of the Dinvar distinct of the Sahneh township. It is situated on a hill called "Lamehqaleh" in northeastern Kandouleh. Relics of the structure show that it has been constructed of stone, ...
Qeh lay Bezeh Roo Castle ( Bezeh Rood Castle)

The Bezeh Roo castle is located at a distance of 50 km. to the north west of Sahneh amongst apple orchards. From the main castle (building), a row of rooms built with brick, gypsum and mortar can be noted in the southern side including a rampart of clay ...
Qorvaqeh (Qoorbaqeh) Hill

In southeastern Sahneh at a distance of 2 km., there are two ancient hills. The larger hill is known as Qoorbaqeh (Frog) Hill. The second hill is smaller and is situated on the eastern side of the former. Its surface and surroundings are covered with ...
Imamzadeh Dada Baktar

To the south of the Baktar Village 30 km. north west of Sahneh upon a hill there is a structure made of stone and clay that comprises of two main parts: the first part is called Jam' Khaneh. This is a rectangular-shaped building with a short door. The ...
Imamzadeh Mahmood

The same is located in the Dinvar Village (district of Sahneh). The mausoleum is quadrilateral. On the fringes of the tombstone sacred verses from the Holy Qoran have adorned the same. There is a latticed work wooden sepulchre on the tomb. The local ...
Shouq Ali Pilgrimage

In the Darband area of the Sahneh township, between the mausoleum of Keikavous and Estoodan, there is a pilgrimage belonging to mystics which has a large inscription. On the right side of inscription, there is an impression of a rider that has been carved ...
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