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Latest News
Harvard Art Museums present exhibition of Norma Jean Calderwood's collection of Islamic Art
CAMBRIDGE, MASS.- The Harvard Art Museums present In Harmony: The Norma Jean Calderwood Collection of ...
London-based Rossi & Rossi to open new art space in Hong Kong
HONG KONG.- Jean Marc Decrop, the noted expert in the contemporary art of China, Asia and Middle East ...
Rutgers University announces publication of "The Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art, and Society"
NEW YORK, NY.- Five years in the making, the highly anticipated 256-page volume The Fertile Crescent: ...
NAM summit an excellent opportunity to introduce Iranian art and handicrafts
The Iranian Handicrafts Union is going to distribute catalogues promoting Persian handicrafts among ...
Two earthquakes in Iran kill more than 300 and injure 5,000
Overcrowded hospitals in northwest Iran struggled to cope with thousands of earthquake victims on Sunday ...
Ayyam Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Palestinian artist Oussama Diab

Oussama Diab (1977 - ), 'Human Being', 185 X 250 cm. Mixed Media on Canvas, 2012.
DUBAI.- From September 17 until October 30, Ayyam Gallery DIFC is presenting a solo exhibition of Palestinian artist, Oussama Diab. ‘In the Name of Freedom’ features a selection of his latest paintings. Oussama Diab’s exciting Pop and graffiti-inspired expressionistic canvases employ symbolist interpretations of current events and concerns. Candor, yet playful, this juxtaposition reflects a duality prominent in all of Diab’s work.

All featured on nondescript patterned backdrops, the subjects take center stage. Diab’s paintings incorporating balloon-headed figures and darts playfully depict fate, violence, and the ease some have in taking life. 'New Pieta' reconfigures Michaelangelo's Pieta sculpture. While beautifully and accurately depicting Michaelangelo’s masterpiece, Diab has added a new level of interpretation and propagandized the work with the placement of a keffiyeh around the head of Christ. In the triptych 'Contrast', a fully clothed woman has her head covered with a scarf and is blindfolded while on either side of her, as if enjoying spa treatments, two women have their eyelids covered by cucumber and kiwi slices and their hair covered with towels. Humor enters the work with the carefree idea of a spa and fruit, yet it is the simple difference of circumstance that defines whether these women are engaged in a free act or constrained by it and the reference is that all three women are imposing blindness upon themselves. Perhaps the most challenging message is carried by Diab’s 'Human Being'. Depicting a banana pierced throughout with nails on a light-hearted floral background, 'Human Being', denotes the crucifixion, pain, and temporal issues, leading the viewer to ultimately question his own mortality. Born in 1977, Palestinian artist Oussama Diab has quickly gained rank within the Middle Eastern art scene. A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus in 2002, he has been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the region and has been honored for his work with several awards from the distinguished Young Artists exhibition in Syria. Since his debut show with Ayyam Gallery Damascus in 2009, his work has continued to impress critics, while several successful sales at Ayyam Auctions have garnered the artist great recognition among regional art lovers. Since opening in 2006, Ayyam Gallery has become one of the most prominent galleries in the Middle East with four exhibition spaces throughout the region, notably in Damascus, Beirut, Dubai, and two upcoming spaces in London and Jeddah. Ayyam Gallery proudly represents some of today's most recognized emerging and established Arab and iranian artists.

More information : Artdaily
Other news :
Iranian wrestlers win 2 bronze medals
Iranian wrestlers Ehsan Naser Lashgari and Komeil Qasemi have won bronze medals at the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Iran to exhibit works by Gunther Uecker
Iran is planning to exhibit works by modern German sculptor and installation artist Gunther Uecker at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. The event will be held from September 16 to November 1, 2012 ...
"When Artists Attack the King: Honoré Daumier and La Caricature, 1830-1835" opens at Cantor Arts Center
STANFORD, CA.- Long before iranian cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraiyeh was sentenced to 25 lashings for drawing a parliament member in a soccer jersey, 19th-century caricaturist Honoré Daumier and his colleagues ...
Farhadi’s film takes N America by storm
Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s Oscar-winning film A Separation has taken the North America’s movie theaters by storm as the second top-grossing foreign-language film in 2012.
London to exhibit installation by Iran’s Shirin Sabahi
The Saatchi Gallery is slated to display an installation work created by the Iranian artist Shirin Sabahi in the British capital of London. The event is part of the 2011 Contemporary Art Prize (CAP) ...
US, Iranian team excavate Siraf
A team of American and Iranian archaeologists has launched underwater excavations at the historical port of Siraf in the Persian Gulf.
Mutatis Mutandis: Group show curated by Cathrine David opens at Vienna's Secession
VIENNA.- Mutatis Mutandis brings together a number of works that explore the complexity of contemporary events, materiality, history, and memories, and propose possible re-presentations. Discontinuous ...
The 2nd Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition [TADAEX] was opened on Friday, July 6th.
The first day of The 2nd Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition [TADAEX] was opened among the unexpected attendance of the audience.
UNESCO registers Isfahan Friday Mosque
Isfahan’s Friday Mosque has been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, making it the 14th Iranian site registered on the roll. The independent, 21-member World Heritage Committee announced the ...
Iran holds 12th national photo biennial
Iran is planning to publish the best works of the previous Bismillah festivals during the 9th edition of the international event in Tehran.

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