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Show Ancient Dam

In latest surveys, a rampart of a dyke related to the Parthian and Sassanide eras was discovered in the village of Show. The same was constructed of slabs of stone and mortar and is 4 m. in thickness and 10 m. in length.
Soleiman Beig Pilgrimage

This is the tomb of the offspring of Mirza Beik, the governor of Shah Tahmasb Safavid era. According to the religious beliefs he got his nephew to marry his daughter and thus gave over his reigns of rule in Baneh to his son-in-low. The tomb of Soleiman ...
Baneh Plains

Within the limits of the township of Baneh, there are two plains, Tal and Shoey. The Tal Plain is 1,800 hectares and the area of the Shoey Plain is about 2,000 hectares. In the former the Seedsarem and Zarivan Rivers flow, finally flowing into the Galvi ...
Baneh Region Forests

The area of the forests of Baneh is about 50,000 hectares. The western skirts of the Gardaneh Khan Mountains are the eastern boundary of the forests of Baneh township. From this region towards the west, alike the Marivan forest, the trees grow dense ...
Shovey Natural Cave

The same is at a distance of 12 km. north of Baneh Township. It's length is 267 m. and internally it is alluvium. There is a small lake at the end of the cave.
Zarineh Rood River

The same flows from the north to south direction, running from Kurdestan toward Lake Orumieh. It's main branch "Cham Saqez" (Chomeh) takes its source from the Gardaneh Khan mountains east of Baneh. The "Khor Khoreh" River is its main branch which runs ...
Owsheqoon Baba Brick Tower

This historical tower is located in the western sector of Arabshah Village about 40 km. south of Bijar close to the Hamadan - Bijar Road. The form, materials, and the type of dome reveal that this is a relic of the 5th and 6th century AH. This tower ...
Qamechoqay Castle

The same is located at a distance of 12 km. from the Qamechoqay village of Bijar, and to the north of the Bijar - Takab Road. This archaic castle can be accounted for as a matchless one in the province, and dates to the 9th or 8th centuries BC. To the ...
Peer Saleh Bitter Water Spring

In the Qeshlaq Loo village, in the districts of the Bijar township 30 km. west of Bijar there is a bitter mineral water spring. The same is en route from Bijar to Divandareh. It is useful for treatment of rheumatic disorders.
Karaftoo Historical Cave

The said is located in a castle by the same name between Divandareh and Saqez, 20 km. north of this route. This relic accounts for being a reputed and important one in the province of Kurdestan. The cave structure is related to the Parthian era and about ...
Qezel Ozan River

This river is one of the main branches of the Sefid Rood River and originates from the Cheshmeh Mountains, elevations of the Hezar Kanian, springs of the eastern mountainous region of the Zagross located to the south, and west of the township of Divandareh. ...
Govaz Mineral Water Spring

This spring is 50 km. northwest of Kamyaran and in the slopes of Govaz village. At the location of the spring the color of the water is off-white which indicate the presence of sulfur and iron. The same can be consumed, as well as being useful for the ...
Kamyaran Plain

This plain is located in the Kamyaran township and it's divided in two parts: The southern part which is located in the province of Kermanshah and its northern sector in the Cheqabraleh Village (10 km. south of Kamyaran). The area of this plain is 17,370 ...
Oraman Inscription

The same is located in Zinaneh Mountain of Oramanat - Marivan and it is carved in the shape of a crescent. Inside the false arch, there is an embossment of a human figure 2.5 meters in length and 30 meters in width. Special engravings are carved on the ...
Marivan Forests

The forests of the region of Marivan which are about 185,000 hectares and their maximum expansion is from the Garan Gorge towards the west till the Sheikh Atar Village. The elevated western plains of the Zagross Mountains attract moisture bearing clouds ...
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