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Alamdar Hill

This little hillock is located to the north east of Imamzadeh Zeidolkabir, Abhar. Locals believe that this hillock has affect on a person having fever or temperature and that lying down on this hillock helps in making the temperature come down to normal.
Dash Kasan Caves

This aggregate is located 10 km. south east of Soltanieh (Abhar). During this period three caves have been intricately dug out from the breast of the mountain side. Out of the remnants of this beautiful sculpture is worth mentioning of two dragons opposite ...
Molla Hassan Kashi Mausoleum

This mausoleum is 2.5 km south of Soltanieh city. The facade of this structure is octagonal, but internally it is square in shape. It has porticos on four sides on the ground floor, leading to elaborate halls connected to each other. Smaller porticos, ...
Peer Ahmad Zahrnoush Mausoleum

This mausoleum stands at the end of the 17th Shahrivar Avenue of Abhar. This structure houses remnants from the Ilkhanan Dynasty (6th century). It is the mausoleum of 'Mowlana Qotbeddin Ahmad Abhar (500-575 AH.) reputedly known as Peer Ahmad' and famous ...
Qeidar Nabi Mausoleum

This mausoleum is that of Qeydar Ben Esmail Ben Ebrahim one of the prophets of the Bani Israili clan. The construction of this structure dates back to 719 AH. and the dome of which was built in the year 751 AH. and its plaster molding was carried out ...
Saeid Abad (Karsof) Hills

These hills or hillocks are located south west of Soltanieh (Abhar). The said vicinity is a place of interest for archeologists who visit Sotanieh.
Soltanieh Dome Tomb

The said lies south west of the Cohan Dej (Royal citadel). It was constructed during the reign of Soltan Mohammad Khoda Bandeh (Oljaito) in the years 704-712 AH. This structure has 8 elevated porticos and about 50 chambers, including an area which is ...
Soltanieh Royal Citadel

This citadel which is also known as Cohan Dej is in the center of the city of Soltanieh, comprising of a moat as well as the rampart. The said citadel is rectangular and is made of green slabs of stone. Besides which is boasts of 16 towers and an extremely ...
Abhar Jame' Mosque

This mosque has been constructed by Mohammad Bin Abubakr in the year 90 AH. It is divided into two eastern and western portions and has two gateways. In past the water of this mosque came through an underground canal from a distance of about 20 km. The ...
Imamzadeh Ebrahim (Soltanieh)

This tomb is located in Sajas approximately 30 km. west of Soltanieh. The dome of this structure is unique in itself and the artistic finishes to it can be related to the Saljuqi era. In this mausoleum is a carved, wooden chest (which usually rests on ...
Imamzadeh Esmaeil

This Imamzadeh is located between the towns of Abhar and Takestan, he is said to be a descendent of Hazrat Ali Ben Abitaleb (AS). The facade of the Imamzadeh is octagonal, but internally it is square in shape and generally made of brick. It comprises ...
Imamzadeh Zeidolkabir Mausoleum

This is located in Ostad Motahari Avenue of Abhar. The tower and dome of which is pointed (or somewhat conical), it is constructed out of brick and is spherical in shape. This structure was repaired in the year 850 AH. It is said that this personality ...
Qorveh Jame' Mosque

This mosque is located in the village of Qorveh in Abhar, and was erected during the Saljuqi era (5th century AH.).
Abhar Rood River

This vicinity is within the limits of the eastern face of Garah Daq Mountains, in the rural area of Sajas, taking its source 30 km north east of Qeydar. In addition to smaller tributaries adjoining with, it flows eastwards and south east of Chaman Soltanieh. ...
Vir Village

This village is in the vicinity of Soltanieh, Abhar. Koor Kang Dareh is located 2 km. south east of this area, and Kooh Sari Dash is located 2 km south west. It has a cold, dry climate. The Dash Kasan Cave and the mosque of the village are important ...
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