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Khorram Abad
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Population: 3,817,000
Area: 133000
Altitude: 1491m
Average Temperature: 16.8

Reja't Va Ebrat Museum

This palace is in the aggregate of Sa’d Abad and in 1971 was utilized as the residence for the Queen Mother. Valuable Iranian carpets and articles brought from Europe can be noted here.
Abunasr Palace ( Takht-e-Abunasr )

Six kilometers east of Shiraz, on top of a hill, ia a relic of an edifice made of brick and stone. As a result of archeological excavations, these remains have been estimated to date back to the Parthian period but it was also used in the Sassanian period. ...
Afif Abad Bath

It is situated to the north of the Afif Abad Garden, museum or edifice. The interior walls have been ornamented with characteristic plaster works and painting of men and women of the Qajar period.
Agha Baba Khan School

Dating back to the Qajar period, it is near the Vakil Bazaar and Jame’ Mosque. The same belongs to the Karim Khan Zand period. The construction of building was begun by haji Mohammad Hossein Khan and finally in 1862, the construction was completed ...
Baq-e-Eilkhani Edifice

It dates back to the time of Mohammad Qoli-Khan, a leader of the Qashqei tribe. The garden in which it is located (about 6,000 sq.m.) dates back to the Qajar period.
Baq-e-Nazar Pavilion

A pavilion that is located in Baq Nazar, a beautiful garden with tall and ancient trees, dates back to the Karim Khan period. There is a charming pavilion built by Karim Khan, known as Kolah Farangi. The ceramic work on the exterior of this building ...
Baq-e-Neshat Bath

This bath located to the north of Baq-e-Neshat Garden, is composed of two rooms each with a small dome. One of the domes is erected on pillars with intricate spirals which opens out to the garden. The paintings on the walls are quite refined and delicate.
Qoran Gate

At the entrance of the Shiraz city and in the Allaho Akbar Gorge, about 1000 years ago a gate was built on top of which Karim Khan Zand consequently built a small room containing a Qoran. In 1938 due to road developments the old monument was destroyed. ...
Estakhr Ancient City (Takht-e-Tavoos)

Located 7 km. from the remains of Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid), the ruins of the city of Estakhr known as Takht-e-Tavoos exists. It includes a stony gate, columns and walls dating back to the Achaemenian period. Many archaeological objects have been ...
Hafiz Tomb

Hafiz is one of the most famous Gnostics and poets of Iran, who was born in Shiraz in 726 AH and passed away 65 years later. The tomb of Hafiz also known as Hafizieh is located north of Shiraz and comprises of two gardens. Many people still come to pay ...
Karim Khani Citadel

It used to be the main residential palace of Karim Khan-e-Zand and his dynasty in Shiraz. Surrounded by high brick walls, there are four towers, each at a corner of the complex. This place was used as a prison for thirty five years until 1971. Although ...
Khajoo-e-Kermani Tomb

The tomb of Kamal-edin Abu Ata known as Khajoo (689-756 AH.) is located in the Allah Akbar Gorge close to the Qoran Gate of Shiraz. It is the tomb of a famous Iranian poet and gnostic. This memorial was completely renovated in recent years.
Khan School

This historical monument is situated in Shiraz city. This building was constructed by Allah Verdi Khan and his son in the Shah Abbas period. This place, which used to be a theological school, has been restored several times.
Koorush Kabir (Cyrus) Shrine, Shiraz-Esfahan Rd

On the Shiraz - Esfahan Road and in the Morqab plains, this rectangular monument is built on a six-storey platform. On the top floor, which is 3 m. high, there are two tombs, one belonging to Koorush, and the other to his wife Kassandan mother of Kamboujieh. ...
Moshir Arcade

Golshan or Moshir Caravansary is located near Vakil Bazaar, which is relic of Mirza Abol Hassan Moshir-ol-Molk. This arcade was repaired in 1970. Its rooms have been used as an exhibition hall for the demonstration of local handicrafts of Fars, thus ...
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