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Imamzadeh Zeid-ebne Moosa

This is also well known as “Zeidulnar’ is located in Afreez village of Birjand. The main structure is an eight paneled tower made of brick. One of the inscriptions here is extremely interesting in the Kufi script. The internal walls of this structure ...
Mofakham Mirror House

This building is in the city of Bojnurd, and belonged to Sardar Mofakham, one of the officials in the late Qajar period. As the name indicates, this building boasts of its mirror work and tile design.
Besh Qardash Spring

Besh Qardash spring or in other words ‘five brothers’ spring is 8 km. south of Bojnurd and to the east of the Bojnurd - Esfarayen Road. It is narrated that five brothers have disappeared at this place. The water of this spring is high in mineral ...
Gelian Va Estakhri Summer Residing Place

This vicinity engulfs places such as Gelian, Hesar-e-Pahlavanan and Estakhri, situated on the skirts of the Shah Jahan Mountains. The countryside boasts of valleys full of streams, abundance of trees, springs, high waterfalls, and caves. Besides historical ...
Belqeis Ancient City

This city which is actually the ruins of the old city of Esfarayen, is located 3 km. from the present city, and to the right of Sabzevar - Esfarayen Road. Earthen ware discovered in this area dates back to the Safavid era, and it is believed that this ...
Hassan Abad Old Castle

This castle is on the fringes of the village of the Hassan Abad, north-east of Esfarayen. It has been erected on a natural mound and is 140 m. in length and 70 m. wide. A part of the walls still exists and is 4 m. high. This castle is a remains from ...
Noushirvan Birth Place (Faqat Dej)

The village of Noushirvan is the birth place of Sultan Anushirvan is located northeast of Esfarayen. In the eastern section there is a sturdy wall named Faqat Dej (Fort) and the construction of this relates to Gobad Firooz. Remnants of this area relative ...
Old Trees

There are many old and archaic trees in the Esfarayen township that are worth observing. Such as the trees of Koshtan Village, the plane trees of Masjed Koshtan, the plane trees of Masjed Khajeh etc.
Qeisar Castle

This castle is 3 km. from the village of Beed in Esfarayen. Evidences from the time of the Zoroastrians have been found here. The castle dates back to pre-Islamic times.
Saremeran Archaeological Hill

This hill is located 500 m. south of Saremeran Village which is in the west of Esfarayen. The earthenware and remnants found in this hill belong to the early Islamic period.
Imamzadeh Abdollah Kooran

This is located 30 km. west of Esfarayen, near the village of Kooran. The structure is tetragonal in shape with each side 5 m. in length This structure has fine and intricate brick work that is eye-catching. The wooden chest of the grave dates back to ...
Qarhsoo River

This river flows in the valley of Esfarayen. It originates from south of Aladaq Mountains and to the north from Shah Jahan Mountain Ranges. After saturating the Jajrum plain, it flows from north to south and joins the Kalshoor River in the south of Sabzevar. ...
Sary Gol Protected Zone

This is located northeast of Esfarayen and covers an area of 28,000 hectares. Trees such as araxes, korku and the wild willow can be seen here besides a number of other species. Wildlife also plays an important part in this vicinity.
Gonabad Fire Temple

These fire-temples located in Geysoor as well as other parts of the township of Gonabad and date back to the Achaemenian period. Near this fire-temple are ancient forts such a Dokhtar-e-Shoorab and Gabr-e-Peeran Veiseh and Pashan which belong to the ...
Joqatein Geisoor Tomb

This is located 72 km. northeast of Gonabad in Geisoor Village. This tomb can be relative to the Mongol era, and is most probably the resting place of a Mongol prince or a member of an affluent class. The inner walls of his tomb are square, but the external ...
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