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Farasfaj Bridge

This bridge has been constructed in the Farasfaj village (Towiserkan). The bridge is on one of the tributaries of the Qelqel Rood River and is a relic from the Safavid era. The bridge is a short and narrow one with three wide arches, and has been made ...
Mir Razieddin Artimany Tomb

The tomb of Mohammad Razieddin Artimany, is located on a hill in the village of Artiman ( the township of Towiserkan). The facade of the structure is of brick, and has three tall arches. Behind these arches, there is an arched doorway with tile works. ...
Shah Abbas Caravansary

This ancient 'inn' is close to the village of Farasfaj (Towiserkan), and belong to the Safavid period. The said structure is square in shape, having four porticos. There are four circular towers on each corner, and three semi-circular towers on the eastern, ...
Habaqooq-e-Nabi Mausoleum

This tomb is located near the city of Towiserkan and is related to the 7th century AH. Habaqooq Nabi was one of the prophets of the Israelites, the keeper of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. This structure is tower-like and made of brick. Externally the ...
Sheikh Ali Khan Zanganeh Mosque

This mosque is located in the central square of Towiserkan city, and is reputedly known as the 'Madresseh-ye-Abbas' (Abbas School). This structure has an octagonal court-yard, with 36 chambers, that are the resident quarters of the clergy under tutorial ...
Gazand Sarabi Valley

This valley is situated in Towiserkan, and engulfs walnut orchards that extend over an area of 500 hectares. The required water for cultivation is obtained from the surrounding springs. The Gazand River also flows here.
Qelqel Rood River

This river takes its source in the south of the Alvand Mountains and rivers such as Sarabi, Serkan and Karzan adjoin the Qel-Qel River. After irrigating the cultivated lands of Towiserkan, it joins the Gamasiyab Rood River. In its higher areas the river ...
Serkan Valley

This valley being about 1,000 hectares, has walnut, apple and mulberry orchards in it. One of the prominent features of this valley is its archaic trees. The Serkan river also flows through this vicinity.
Artiman Village

The village of Artiman is a pleasant village with beautiful natural surroundings. In this village is the tomb of the reputed Gnostic and poet Mir Razieddin Artimani of the Safavid period. The architect of this tomb was the famous Mr. Seyhoon of the Pahlavi ...
Farasfaj Village

This village, near Towiserkan has a temperate climate. Close by is the ancient bridge and inn or caravansary of Shah Abbas. A branch of the 'Silk Road' passed alongside this village giving it importance in the older times.
Oshtoran Village

The said village has a temperate climate. Furthermore, the valuable relic and historical castle of Oshtoran is located here. The structure of which has been constructed with sun baked bricks and mud. In past, it played a part from the military point ...
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