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Nooshijan Castle (Atashkadeh Fort)

This castle lies 20 km. west of Malayer, in the district of Shurkat. In this region three cycles of civilizations have been distinct. The first of which being in the second half of the 8th to the beginning of 6th century BC. and related to the Medes. ...
Pari Hill

This hill has an elevation of 15 m. and is located in the village of Pari, in the township of Malayer. In this hill graves related to the first millennium BC. have been found. In these graves, the dead bodies have been laid on their left or right arm, ...
Dareh Farakh Cave

This cave is around Malayer, near the village of 'Jowzan'. The opening or mouth of the cave is at an elevation of 2,220 m. facing the south east and to the measurements of 80-120 cm. Under the opening is a short, tight passage leading to a corridor 9 ...
Sard Kooh Cave

This cave is located near the village of Soltan Abad, at an elevation of 2,240 m. in the Sard Kooh Mountains of Malayer. The opening of the cave is at a steep gradient, ending up at a stony entrance to the main passage of the cave. The central part of ...
Baba Peer (No'man Ben Maqran) Tomb

The said tomb is located 8 km. north west of the township of Nahavand in the village of 'Dehqan Qishlaq'. Its foundation is on a natural rock. The structure is four-sided with a short, primitive porch, constructed with bricks. The height and width of ...
Dar Sheikh (Abol Abbas Nahavandi) Tomb

The above mentioned is situated in the ancient locality by the same name in the township of Nahavand. The said personality was a Gnostic of the 4th century AH. (a contemporary of Azaddodolleh Deylami). Externally, the structure is on a four-sided plan. ...
Geyan Hill

This hill is in Geyan, west of Nahavand city, and dates to the 4th-1st millennium BC. In the excavations made at this site, archeologists have defined five cycles of civilizations. The fifth or lower most section is at a depth of 7.5-19 m. Here earthenware ...
Haj Aqa Torab Bath

The same was constructed in the year 1342 AH. during the reign of Naseredin Shah. The structure is rectangular in shape and is divided into two by a wall. One section containing the hot water and the other cold water pool. In the latter part there are ...
Nahavand Jame' Mosque

This mosque is located on the skirts of a hill overlooking the city of Nahavand. The structure is rectangular in shape and consists of three sectors, the ceiling and dome of which are supported by strong pillars. The central section is wider than the ...
Farsban and Giyan Mill Springs

These springs gush out from the Zagrosss Mountains south of Nahavand, and is also considered as one of the important recreational areas of Hamadan province. Here there are archaic trees over 500 years old, giving a special affect to this region.
Gamasiyab Rood River

The river originates from the south eastern heights of the Gerou Mountains. In its route it joins up to the springs and other smaller rivers. After irrigating the plains of Nahavand it flows towards the north west. After adjoining with the Qarah Soo ...
Gamasiyab Spring

This spring is the first 'source'of the Gamasiyab River. This source lies in the northern slopes of the Gerou Mountains. This vicinity offers recreational facilities.
Kerd Khord (Aq Gol) Wetland

This wetland is in the vicinity of Kerd Khord village and to the south of the plains of Nahavand. This wetland is 5 km. in length and 3.5 km. in width, with an average depth of 0.5 m. The suitable vegetation along with being in the neighborhood of the ...
Imamzadeh Azhar-ebne Ali

This structure is in the village of Darjezin, in Razan district. The said is a cylindrically shaped tower 20 m. in height and with 19 panels. It has a dome made of flat brick. Within the structure which is spherical, is the tomb. On this tomb is a wooden ...
Imamzadeh Hood

This Imamzadeh is in the village of Yengi Qalleh in district of Razan. This twelve -sided structure is made of brick. The dome which most probably originally was conical in shape has been ruined, and presently has a barrel shaped or arched roof. The ...
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