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Khorram Abad
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Qarah Chay (Siyah Rood) River

This river takes its source in the heights between Arak and Malayer. After joining with other rivers and irrigating the surrounding lands, it flows towards the Haus Soltan lake. In the higher areas of the river, leisure spots are found.
Other Caves

The others are not 'natural caves' but are historical caves of the province. These are as follows: Qalleh Jooq Cave, (village of Qalleh Jooq), Aq Qaya Cave, Tasheer and Gav Khaneh Caves (Malayer road to....) and Azad Cave (near Towiserkan).
Other Rivers

Other rivers that can be named are : Talur River, Khoram Rood River.
Other Springs

Other springs that can be named are : Kangavar-Kohneh Spring, Maloosan Spring, Týhe Dehlar Spring, Maran Spring and Laklak Spring of Asad Abad.
Other Valleys

Other valleys are named as, Shahrestaneh Valley, Baq (gardens/orchards) of Artiman, Faran Valley and Orchard and Zeeba Valley.
Avecina Tomb Museum

The new memorial structure of the tomb of Avecina (Bu Ali Sina), was constructed in the year 1941 right in its former location. From the architectural aspect the dome of the said structure is an inspiration from 'The Gonbad-e-Qaboos' in the plains of ...
Farajin Village

This village is near Hamadan, in the district of Maryanaj in an elevated region. It has moderate summers and cold winters. In this village is the tomb of Imamzadeh Mohsen, (a descendent of Imam Hassan A.S.) In this vicinity is the tomb of one of the ...
Handicrafts and Souvenirs

The most important handicraft of the province is earthenware and ceramics, and a place called 'Lalejin' (30 km. north of Hamadan) is famous for this handicraft. Besides earthenware and ceramics, there are the followings - carpet and 'Kilim' weaving (or ...
Natural History Museum

This museum is located in the Agricultural Faculty of Bu Ali University (Hamadan). The same was inaugurated in the year 1972. The museum has been erected in an area covering 1,800 sq.m. and with three exhibition halls. Each of these deal with a group ...
Yarim Qayeh Caravansary

The same is situated in the village of Yarim Qayeh in Famineen (Kabudrahang). This caravansary is related to the Safavid era. It is a rectangular structure, suited for mountainous regions. Materials used in its construction are stone and mortar. In the ...
Choobin Castle

This castle is close to the lands of Daulat Abad (Malayer). Before inauguration of Malayer city, it was known as 'Choobin' or 'Choobineh'. This name was most probably in honor of the Iranian commander 'Bahram-e-Choobin'. Due to the expansion of the city, ...
Haj Seifoddoleh Tomb

This tomb is in the vicinity of the park of Malayer. This was in the past, the private residence of Haj Seifoddoleh ( Soltan Mohammad Mirza Seifoddoleh, the grand-son of Fathali Shah). This estate and the surrounding lands belonged to Amir Mo'eed, the ...
Kharabeh (Yazdgerd) Castle

This castle which is a Sassanide relic, is located in the 'Kooh-e-Yazdgerd' in the township of Malayer. This relic could have been a shelter for 'Yazdgerd III'. At present only the ruined ramparts can be observed.
Malayer Bazaar

This bazaar is related to the time of Sheikh-ol-Moluk (Sheikh Mohammad Ali Mirza Daulat Shah), the offspring of Fathali Shah, (founder of Malayer city). This bazaar comprises of a main bazaar along with two branching bazaars. There are a few arcades ...
Mir Fatah Ice-Pit

This relic is from the Qajar period and its founder is Mir Fatah. The structure is constructed of brick and is a dome like shape and located on the boulevard on the way from Malayer to Borujerd. The structure has two doors or entrances, one is similar ...
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