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Khorram Abad
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Other Imamzadehs

Other Imamzadehs in Hamadan province are, Imamzadeh Aznav (Aiyn and Qeyn) in Kabudrahang, Imamzadeh Hossain and Imamzadeh Ahl-Ebne-Ali and Imamzadeh Yahya in Hamadan.
Abbas Abad Recreational Place

This recreational area situated on the skirts of the Alvand Mountains, comprises of a little zoo. In addition to the famous 'Abbas Abad Waterfall', 'Ganj Nameh Inscriptions' (of the Achaemenian period), and the beautiful valleys around are beautiful ...
Abbas Abad Tele Cabin

This tele-cabin takes visitors to and from the Abbas Abad Hill to the southern side of the Eram Blvd.,
Alisadr Cave

The said cave is the largest in the world, containing water and offering the use of canoes. This cave is located in the village of Alisadr, district of Kabudrahang, and was inaugurated in the year 1967. In the hills where the Alisadr cave is located, ...
Alvand Ski Slope

This ramp has a length of 4 m. Facilities such as a shelter, guest-house and a skiing school are available here, including three tele-cabins.
Alvand Summit

The mountainous region of Alvand embrace the important summits of the province. The Quri chay and Qarah Chay Rivers take their sources in the northern slopes, and the Yujari Chay and Khoram Abad Rivers take their sources in the south western skirts. ...
Baglijeh Cave

The said cave is located near the village of Sorkh Abad (Hamadan) and because it resembles a 'well' special equipment is required here. The Baglijeh cave has beautiful stalagmites. The cave is 50 m. in length.
Doozakh Dareh Valley

The said valley is rocky in type that ends up at Kooh-e-Imamzadeh. The famous waterfall of this valley reaches a height of approximately 15 m. The presence of groves and a river in the depth of this valley, together with the surrounding Alvand Mountain ...
Ekbatan Dam Lake

This lake is located to the south east of Hamadan, and covers an area of about 60 hectares, its maximum and minimum depth being 32 and 18 m. respectively. Artificial forests have been planted around the dam, and the lake is utilized for military activities. ...

At a distance of 25 km. from the city of Nahavand are forests as those of the Zagross Mountains, which cover an area of 200 hectares. Alongside the Giyan spring as well as the surrounding hillocks these forests form a pleasant sight. This vicinity has ...
Ganj Nameh Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the most important waterfalls of the province, near the city of Hamadan and at the tail end of the recreational area of Abbas Abad Valley.This waterfall flows down from a height of about 12 m. and is known as the water of Abbas ...
Hizej Cave

This cave is on the Arak - Malayer Road, in the village of Hizej. In colloquial language it is known as Zaqeh Darehsi. On entering the cave, there are 'halls' or areas 12 m. in length. After which there is a vast area that consists of a path branching ...
Mineral Water Springs

There are several mineral water springs in the province, and some of these are located close to the main road network of the region. Of these a few offer accommodation facilities for visitors. These springs are generally thermal springs used for treatment. ...

No doubt the vast plains enhanced with natural beauty, are considered to be of important attractive tourist sites. To the north east of Hamadan are the plains of Kurijan and Razan extending till Avaj. Most of these plains are under cultivation of wheat ...
Protected Wildlife Zones

Due to the fact that the province is in a mountainous region, this provides excellent ground for wildlife. Wildlife either around the fringes of lakes or in the plains or mountain sides are under protection, and hunting is strictly forbidden. These areas ...
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