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Hamadan Bazaar

In general the said bazaar is related to the Qajar period, and is within the limits of the Baba Taher, Ekbatan and Shohada avenues. This bazaar comprises of 30 rows or sections of shops, each 'row' to do with a particular profession or trade. For example ...
Hegmataneh Archaeological Palace

This palace is located in the city of Hamadan, dating to the 6th century BC. The said structure is from the times of the 'Medes'. 'Kiyakesar Madi' and 'Nabopolasar Baboli' were responsible for building this structure in the year 614 BC. The decorative ...
Hegmataneh Hill

The ancient Hegmatanen hill is located at the entrance of Hamadan city. Relics discovered from this hill are, a golden tablet (from the times of Ariamaneh, the father of Arsham), the golden cup (related to Khashayar Shah, the offspring of Darius) dating ...
Khosrow Abad Broken Bridge

It is located in the village of Khosrow Abad, on the Shahab River. This bridge has four arches, two of which are larger than the ones to the sides. These arches stand to a height of 155 cm. from the slabs of stone and three rows of brick that form the ...
Mosalla Hill

This hill is to the east of Hamadan city, and at a short distance from Imam Khomeini Sq. The said hill covers an area of 400 x 600 sq. m. In the past, this vicinity was a place of worship and the temple of Hamadan was situated here. There is a strong ...
Pisar (Ali Abad) Hill

This hill lies at a distance of 2.5 km. north of the Hegmataneh hill. This hill is about 10 m. higher than the surrounding area, and due to presence of a river is divided into two parts. The covering area is equivalent to 1 Historically, this ...
Shahbazian Old House

This ancient house is located in the Bu Ali Sina avenue of Hamadan, and is a relic from Qajar era. This structure is rectangular in shape and in two floors, that is including the basement. The structure comprises of two segments such as the exterior ...
Shir Sangi (Stony Lion)

This statue is located in the park and square of Sang Shir. There are various theories as to the history of this statue. There could be a possibility that the same is from the Parthian period. Others suggest that this could be a relic of Medes times ...
Other Castles

Other castles worth mentioning is the 'Oshtoran Castle' located in the village of Oshtoran of Hamadan province.
Other Tombs

Other tombs worth mentioning in the province are, the tomb of Qazvini (a Gnostic) and the tomb of Alexander in Hamadan.
Hamadan Jame' Mosque

The said mosque is located near the central Sq. of Hamadan and to the west of Ekbatan avenue. The mosque is rectangular in shape, and formerly had four porches of which three have been remained. This structure comprises of two areas for nocturnal prayers, ...
Imamzadeh Abdollah

The same is located in the square by the same name. The structure is a 24 sided one and spherical in shape. Its facade has 12 arches and 12 supporting pillars. The lower portion of the structure, that is till a height of 90 cm. it has been constructed ...
Imamzadeh Khezr

The same is in the village of Khezr, located in the suburbs of Hamadan. This is a square structure having a dome. In addition to other artistic efforts internally, the fringes of the 'altar' are adorned with inscriptions in the 'tholth' and 'kufic' scripts. ...
Imamzadeh Mohsen (Kooh)

This Imamzadeh is located in the village of Farajin (Hamadan). Since it is situated in one of the pleasant valleys in the slopes of the Alvand Mountains it is also known as Imamzadeh Kooh. The structure dates back to the Mongol era (8th century AH.) ...
Sheverin Village Mosque

This mosque is in the village of Sheverin, 5 km. east of Hamadan. In respect to architecture, this mosque is similar to that of mid Qajar era. Constructed of brick, this structure is interesting from the point of view of architecture, and is on the historical ...
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