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Aqa Jan Bulaqi Inscription

This inscription is situated near the village of Aqa Jan Bulaqi in the valley of the Qarah Chay (river) at a distance of about 15 km. north of Asad Abad. The remains of this inscription, reveals a verse, related to the first half of the 12th century ...
Golestan Bath

This bath is situated in the 'Darb-e-Caravansary' locality of Asad Abad. The entrance leads to an area having six sides, with a domed ceiling. The cloak-room of the bath is to the frontal section, (known as the 'sarbineh') which is octagonal. On the ...
Seyed Jamaleddin Asad Abadi Tomb

A man of great repute, a contemplating social reformer of the east was born in the year 1254 AH. in Asad Abad, (Hamadan). He was poisoned to death in Turkey in 1314 AH. A memorial has been constructed at his residence in Asad Abad.
Shah Abbas Water Reservoir

This water reservoir is situated in the midst of a locality called 'Darb-e-Caravansary' in Asad Abad . The said reservoir consists of three sections internally, or the central area with a leveled roof and segregated walls. The actual water reservoir ...
Soltani Mosque (Jame' Mosque)

This mosque is situated in the vicinity of the 'bazaar' of Asad Abad. The mosque is rectangular in shape. On the wall of the corridor at its entrance is a tomb-stone of cream colored marble with the kufic script on it. Besides which are five other inscriptions ...
Peer Soleiman Wetland

This wetland is in the plains of Asad Abad and its outstanding features are the variety of birds and vegetation coverage.
Alavian (Gonbad-e-Alavian) Tomb

This four-sided structure houses the tombs of two of the members of the Alavian family, related to the Saljuqi period. The dome of this structure had been artistically worked with plaster, but through the ages is no more. The tombs are situated under ...
Amir Afkham Bath

This bath is located in the Amir Afkham Sheveriny Castle (reputedly called Amir Sheveriny). The said bath is related to the Qajar era.
Avecina Tomb

'Avecina', or (Hojjat-ol-Haq Sheikh-ol-Rais Sharaf-ol-Molk Abu Ali Hossein Ebne Abdollah Ebne Sina), was the great philosopher, scholar, physician of Iran (370-428 AH.). This tomb is located in Bu Ali Sq. Hamadan. The present structure was constructed ...
Baba Taher Oryan Tomb

This memorial is tomb of the great Gnostic and poet of the late 4th and early 5th centuries AH. The tomb is located on a hill in the north west of Hamadan. The structure was constructed in the years 1967-1970. This tomb is on the basis of an octagon. ...
Dokhtar (Qiz Qalasi) Castle

Though this castle is in ruins, the ramparts and structure can still be seen. Some of the gate ways and staircases have been made of polished stone. This reveals that the city prospered during those times. The important military conditions of this structure ...
Einol Qozat-e-Hamadani Tomb

Another famous personality of Hamadan province is Abdollah Ben Mohammad Mianji Hamadani. A great physician and gnostic of the 6th century AH. He was born in Hamadan in the year 492 AH. and devoted his youth in scholarly activities and gaining knowledge. ...
Esteroo Mord Khay (Ester and Mord Khay) Tomb

Located in the city center, the structure has been constructed of brick and stone. This is the tomb of Ester the Queen of Shoosh (the wife of Khashayar Shah of Iran). Mordecai (Mord Khay) was her uncle. The structure was originally constructed about ...
Ganj Nameh Inscriptions

These inscriptions are relics from the period of 'Darius' and 'Khashayar Shah' of the Achaemenian era. The said are located 5 km. west of Hamadan at the end of the 'Dareh-ye-Abbas Abad' or Abbas Abad Valley, and have been engraved on a mountain. Each ...
Hafez Abol Ala' (Qorban Tower) Tomb

This tomb is located in the city of Hamadan near the Ebne Sina Junior School. This is the resting abode of 'Sheikh-ol-Islam Hassan Ebne Attar Hafez Abol Ala' and a group of the commanders of the Saljuqi period. It was built in the 7th and 8th centuries ...
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