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Sistan va Baloochestan
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Sistan va Baloochestan

Imamzadeh Qolam Rasooli

This tall and domed structure is located on the fringes of the eastern sector of Chabahar. The construction is related to the Teimoorid period. The Imamzadeh is to the western side of the courtyard and has been built on a platform. Its entrance is also ...
Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Coasts

In the southern sector of Sistan Va Baluchestan is the coastal area of the Oman Sea. Due to the prominent position it enjoys regarding access to the free waters, in addition to other aspects such as trade, commerce and navigation this province holds ...
Rabch (Fonooj) River

The said river takes its source in the mountains of Bashagard, to the south of the province and around Fonooj. Three rivers adjoin it, and taking the name of Fonooj, flows through the valley of Dand Hoor mountains in the east and the Sefid Kooh mountains ...
Sedarya Lake

This lake is formed by three smaller lakes in the higher slopes of the Taftan Mountains. The depth of two of these lakes in its northern sector is not much, thereby the water is palatable. Whereas the other is a larger lake with permanent, but salty ...
Tiss Village

The Tiss village is in the district of Dashtiyari (Chabahar) and is located in the foot-hills. The 'Lavori' River flows through this village, and the 'Gulf of Chabahar' is to the west of it. Altitudes such as Shahbaz and Lavori mountains have surrounded ...
Iran Shahr Old Castle

The said castle was a seat of power or command in the past in Baluchestan. It is a brick construction, built during the reign of Naseredin Shah by Firooz Mirza in the year 1264 AH.
Lar Tower

The said tower is at a distance of 8 miles east of Chechoo hillocks. The structure resembles a minaret and has been constructed on an elevation. From this point a birds eye view of the surroundings is possible, as the tower offered an excellent view. ...
Sarbaz Castle

This structure is one of the famous castles of Baluchestan, located in the Sarbaz Village. The same is related to the Islamic period and was built by the rulers of the time.
Sokoot Minaret (Zoroastrian Graves)

The remnants of crypts or towers of silence (Sokoot) can be observed in various parts of the province. Till centuries after the Arab conquests, the Zoroastrian preaching and religion held good in Sistan. Vestiges of these towers (of silence ) or fire-temples ...
Bahookalat River

The Bahookalat River is one of the gushing rivers of the region of Sistan Va Baluchestan, and is one of the major factors of livelihood and flourishment in the south of this area. This river collects the surface waters from vast areas of south of the ...
Baluchestan Mountains

The said mountains are located to the south of the Sistan Mountains and extend between the Challeh-e-Loot, Jazmoorian, and the desert area of Mashekl and the Oman Sea.
Bampour River

The Bampour River takes its source in the summits to the east of Iran Shahr and is a factor regarding agriculture in the territory of Iran Shahr and Bampour. A diverting dam has been constructed here. After the river flows through the plains of Bampour ...
Bazman Doe (II) Thermal Spring

The said spring lies within the village itself and protrudes out from a crevice in the earth. Nearby, a rectangular covered pool has been constructed. This pool is used for bathing purposes throughout the year.
Bazman Mountain

These mountains are located to the northeast of Challeh-e-Jazmoorian, and its height is approximately 3,489 m. and extends towards the west, adjoining the Barez range in the province of Kerman. This mountain segregates the Challeh-e-Loot from Jazmoorian, ...
Bazman Yek (I) Thermal Spring

The Bazman Village lies in the northwest of Iran Shahr and the above mentioned spring is located in the northwest of this village. This spring gushes out from a crevice in the earth and a pool has formed here in which the inhabitants bath. Due to volcanic ...
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