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Population: 1,062,155
Area: 68476 sq km
Altitude: 10m
Average Temperature: 26.9

Ancient Quay

In Bandar Laft there is the remains of an ancient quay, which is most probably related to the Medes, Achaemenians and Sassanids. This pier is 130 m. in length and has a solid flooring, to the thickness of 7 m. The walls of this construction is of stone ...
Hindus Temple

The above mentioned temple was constructed in the year 1310 AH., during the rule of Mohammad Hassan Khan Sa'ad-ol-Molk. The same comprises of a square room in the center of which is a jagged shaped dome. The architecture of this structure is very similar ...
Hormoz Castle, Hormoz Island

This relic is one of the important vestiges from the times of the Portuguese and their domination on the coastal areas and islands of the Persian Gulf. The same is located in north of this island. This structure was constructed in the year 1507 AD. on ...
Khamir Castle, Bandar Khamir

This castle is located near Bandar Khamir and the entrance of the same is a spectacular construction of stone and gypsum, and has been built according to European architecture. In the four corners there are four circular towers, between every two a short ...
Kolah Farangi Pavillion

This pavilion is a relic of the Safavid era and is located in the vicinity of the ancient pier in the Taleqani Blvd. of Bandar Abbas. Due to the fact that this edifice has an imprint of European architecture, thus its name which means foreign hat or ...
Lateidan Bridge

The same has been constructed at a distance of 50 km. west of Bandar Abbas on the Kal (Kool) River. It is a relic of the Safavid era. Currently 33 arches remain to be seen of this bridge.
Dejkan Mosque, Bandar Khamir

This mosque is located near Bandar Khamir, in the village of Dejkan. Its pillars and nocturnal area are of sculptured and carved stone. Whereas the ceilings, entrances and the adornments of the porches are all worked with sculptured limestone. The porches ...
Imamzadeh Khajeh Khezr, Soroo

The same is located alongside the Bandar Abbas - Soroo Road, towards the pier of Bandar Abbas and within a distance of 250 m. The remains of this structure resembles that of a ziggurat from the Elamite and Babylonian periods. in addition to which the ...
Genoo Mountain

The Genoo Mountains with an elevation of 2,347 m. lie 29 km. northwest of Bandar Abbas between the villages of Feen, Siyahoo and Asiyeen. The weather in this area is relatively moderate, and due to this purpose it is renounced for its environmental and ...
Genoo Thermal Spring

This spring is situated at a distance of 34 km. northeast of Bandar Abbas and alongside the Bandar Abbas - Sirjan Road. The water from this spring which is calcium sulfuric in nature is used for irrigating the palm groves or plantations and also for ...
Hormoz Island

The same lies like an oyster shell amidst the waters of the Persian Gulf, covering an area of 41.9 sq. km. Hormoz Island is located to the southeast of Bandar Abbas and lies within 10 nautical miles from it.
Khorgoo Thermal Spring

These three springs are located approximately 60 km. to the northeast of Bandar Abbas, and is accessible from the branch road running between Bandar Abbas to Sirjan. The first spring lies at a distance of about 28 km. from this point. The second spring ...
Kish Island

Kish Island (economic free zone) is located in the Persian Gulf waters, to the southwest of Bandar Abbas, and is an oval shaped island with an area of 89.7 sq. km. It has a length and width of 15.6 and 7 km. respectively. Its center for cultured pearls ...
Lashtan Thermal Spring, Bandar Khamir

This spring lies at a distance of 7 km. east of Bandar Khamir city. The vicinity has two pools and also twelve rooms to accommodate passengers free of charge.
Anthropological Museum

The Anthropological Museum of Bandar Abbas is located in the ancient Hindu temple of this city. Here former remnants of the former civilizations of the coastal and surrounding islands are on display. Besides which relics such as ancient articles that ...
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