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Tourist Attraction in Someh Sara (city)
Tourist Attraction in Someh Sara (city)
The said is located 4 km. to the north of Somiehsara. According to records, the above mentioned are the offsprings of the 7th Imam of the Shi'ite sect. The structure is a large and archaic one. In some sections it has been adorned with green tiles of ...
Tourist Attraction in Tuyserkan (city)
Tourist Attraction in Tuyserkan (city)
This valley is situated in Towiserkan, and engulfs walnut orchards that extend over an area of 500 hectares. The required water for cultivation is obtained from the surrounding springs. The Gazand River also flows here.
Tourist Attraction in Khash (city)
Tourist Attraction in Khash (city)
Chah Gheibi lake (Chah Gabi or Chah Gavi) is located in the southwest of Khash and is a vicinity where seasonal flood waters collect, thereby having a full capacity in spring. During the other seasons this area turns into a wetland and a wildlife habitat.
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