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Tourist Attraction in Taibad (city)
Tourist Attraction in Taibad (city)
This tomb is near the historical ruins of Malen in Bakhezr. The area of this structure is 12.7 x 9/1 m. It consists of a portico and two domes. Shahabedin Abdollah was expired in 827 AH. There is a probability that the same erected at the end of the ...
Tourist Attraction in Garmsar (city)
Tourist Attraction in Garmsar (city)
The other springs of Semnan province are named as, the mineral water spring of Ein-ol-Rasheed, the Kohneh Deh Spring and the Shahr Abad Spring of Garmsar, the Imamzadeh Abdollah (A.S.) Spring in Semnan, the Ney and Mahajerat Springs of Shahrood, the ...
City in 'Lorestan' Province
City in 'Lorestan' Province
The township of Aligoodarz in LORESTAN Province situated in the plains and the slopes of the mountains, experiences a temperate climate. It is 503 km. from Tehran and the Oshtoran Kooh Mountain Ranges and the Aligoodarz River are in this region. In the ...
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