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Hotel in Kish Island (city)
Hotel in Kish Island (city)
The five-star Kish Dariush Hotel is situated at the eastern beautiful sandy beaches of Kish Island within a short drive from the fantastic clean shores of Kish and the amazing Dolphin Park. The hotel is truly a symbol of culture and ancient history ...
Hotel in Kish Island (city)
Hotel in Kish Island (city)
Overlooking the Persian Gulf, this relaxed beachfront resort in an X-shaped building is 10 km from Kish International Airport and 4 km from Kish Aquarium. Sleek rooms offer sitting areas, free Wi-Fi, flat-screens, minifridges, and tea and coffeemakers. ...
The earliest inscription about Tabriz, referring to the city as Tarui or Tauris, is on the Assyrian King Sargon II's epigraph in 714 BC. Tabriz has been chosen as the capital for some rulers commencing from Atropates era and his dynasty.
Persian Constitutional Revolution took place between 1905 and 1911. The revolution led to the establishment of a parliament in Persia (Iran) during the Qajar (Ghaajaar) Dynasty.
About the time of Elamites, the indo European Aryan tribes entered Iran from north, including Medes who settled in northwest, Persians in south near Shiraz and Parthians who chose northeast to settle. The Medes established their capital in Ecbatana near ...
The Festival of Fire: An Iranian ancient festival celebrated on the eve of the last Wednesday of the year, before Nowruz Contents, back at least 1700 BCE. Jumping over the fire, Spoon-banging, Fireworks and more.
Iran is known to the world as Persia, also to an extent known as Greater Iran. Iran is the habitat one of the world’s oldest continuous major civilizations, with historical and urban settlements dating back to 7000 BC.
The official language of Iran is Persian (Farsi). There are a number of other national and ethnic groups living in various parts of Iran: Azeries, Lurs, Kurds, Tajiks, Baloch (or Balouchi), Turkmans, Arabs and Pashtuns.
Iranian Architecture: some of the most majestic structures the world has ever seen !
Iran is a very rugged country of plateaus and mountains, dominated by the Alborz Mountains in the north, and the Zagros Mountains along its western borders.
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