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An opera is scheduled to be performed at the Grand Hall of the Interior Ministry in Tehran next week, which will recount a story from “The Conference of the Birds”, Farid ud-Din Attar’s allegorical masterpiece from the Persian classical literature.
Iranian ensemble Kohan will give a concert in Ashgabat, during Neutrality Day, a national public holiday in Turkmenistan, on Wednesday.
German wildlife photographer Gunther Riehle embarked on a journey to northern Iran on Saturday to build up a collection on migrant birds traveling to the region to spend autumn and winter.
Polish musician Martyna Kosecka is scheduled to conduct Iran’s Nilper Orchestra during a concert, which will be performed at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on Saturday to mark the centenary of Poland’s independence.
A number of scholars from Iran and Italy plan to take part in the Fourth Iranology Conference on Persian poet Sa'di (C. 1213-1291) and Italian scholar and poet Francesco Petrarca, commonly anglicized as Petrarch (1304-1374) from November 8-9.
Ali Qavitan, director of the acclaimed movies “White Bridge” and “My Mother’s Blue Sky”, has said that his new film “Sohrab’s Dream” traces the mysticism and philosophy of Sohrab Sepehri’s poetry.
News (October 11, 2018 | 15:30:18)
News (October 11, 2018 | 15:30:18)
Experts from Iran and other countries gathered to pay tribute to the great Persian poet Khwaja Shams-ud-Din Mohammad Hafez Shirazi on Hafez National Day, which was observed on Friday.
Maryam Firuzi from Iran is among the five photographers who won the Alfred Fried Peace Medal last week, the organizers announced.
News (October 1, 2018 | 17:03:20)
News (October 1, 2018 | 17:03:20)
The 27th tourist train dubbed 'Heart of Persia' is scheduled to enter Iran on October 7 via Sarakhs rail border crossing in northeast of Iran.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani brought back Iran's $1.2-million ancient Persian bas-relief after more than 80 years of changing hands among smugglers.
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