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Tourist Attraction in Taft (city)
Tourist Attraction in Taft (city)
Shah Khalil Allah Sani, son of Mir Shah Taqi Uddin and the great grandchild of Shah Nematollah Vali was killed in Harat and his corpse was transferred to Taft and was buried there. This edifice was a section of a wide and expanded complex built by Shah ...
Tourist Attraction in Torbat Jaam (city)
Tourist Attraction in Torbat Jaam (city)
Seyed Moinodin Ali Ben Nasir Haroon Abol Qasem Hosseini Sarabi Tabrizy was of one of the great mystics in the 8th and 9th century AH. This tomb was erected by Amir Ali Sheer Navabi and is near the village of Langar 24 km. northwest of Torbat Jaam. This ...
Tourist Attraction in Zanjan (city)
Tourist Attraction in Zanjan (city)
Emamzadeh Yahya (Imamzadeh Yahia) is located in Sa'in Qaleh (Saein Ghaleh) of Zanjan. It is said that this tomb belongs to one of the grand sons of Imam Kazem (AS). This mausoleum has 12 sides. In the centre of the mausoleum is an intricately carved ...
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