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Historic bazaar of Tabriz in Iran’s East Azarbaijan province could sustain a blaze, which erupted around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, a fortune that provincial tourism chief attributes to rounds of previous restoration work on the UNESCO-tagged marketplace.
Registered as a national heritage, Shapouri House is an early 20th-century house in Shiraz, southern Iran, built in the early years of Pahlavi dynasty (1925-1979). Designed and built by Abol Qasem Mohandesi between 1930 and 1935, its owner was Abdol Shahab Shapouri, a wealthy Iranian merchant.
News (January 2, 2019 | 09:54:16)
News (January 2, 2019 | 09:54:16)
An Indonesian tourist posted a number of pictures of Iran tourist attractions and advised Asians to visit Iran during the Christmas holidays.
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is a famous masterpiece of Iranian architecture, standing on the eastern side of Naqsh-e Jahan Square — the first built of the four monuments of the square. The blend of modest shape and rich interior and exterior tile ornaments made the mosque one of the most recognizable tourist sites of Isfahan.
The idea of launching a unique museum has been formed in the minds of the Sarabi brothers since 25 years ago. The eyes of the two, in the old houses of the old villages of Azerbaijan, in the historic market of Tabriz.
Hotel in Kish Island (city)
Hotel in Kish Island (city)
Located in a well-positioned place on the beautiful island of Kish, the three-star Kish Parsian hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Kish with suitable facilities and services and nice decorations. As it is in the vicinity of the sea, the nice ...
Iranian Architecture: some of the most majestic structures the world has ever seen !
Chosen as the 2018 Tourism Capital City of Islamic Countries, Tabriz in Northern Iran is a historic city overflowing with heritage and culture. Sprawling, with the best bazaar in Iran, beautiful architecture and plenty of Azeri culture to boot – there has been no better time to visit Tabriz then right now!
Tourist Attraction in Qom (city)
Tourist Attraction in Qom (city)
These are as follows: The Imam Hassan Mojtaba (AS) Mosque, on the Tehran - Qom Road, Takiyeh Aqa Seyed Hassan, in Ayatollah Taleqani Avenue, Takiyeh-ye-Yazdiha, in bazaar, Maidan-e-Kohneh Mosque, in the Old Square (Maidan-e-Kohneh-e- Qom), Hosseinieh-ye-Shohada, ...
Tourist Attraction in Kashan (city)
Tourist Attraction in Kashan (city)
This beautiful structure is located amidst the Bazaar of Kashan, and can be accounted for as one of the fine examples in respect to architecture, adornments, capacity of water and the general plan. Its semi-arched roofs, walls and facade are worth observation.
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