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Tourist Attraction in Shooshtar (city)
Tourist Attraction in Shooshtar (city)
The same lies to the north of Shooshtar. It is opposite the Salasel Castle, and is one of the oldest tombs of the Islamic period in Iran. Bara'-ebne-Malek Ansari was one of the disciples of the Prophet Mohammad (AS). Bara'-ebne-Malek was martyred during ...
Tourist Attraction in Takestan (city)
Tourist Attraction in Takestan (city)
It is located to the southeast of the Alvand Village, Takestan. Scattered around are earthenware related to the Safavid era. In this area marble tombstones with adornments and scripts related to the Safavid period have been discovered.
Tourist Attraction in Takestan (city)
Tourist Attraction in Takestan (city)
This bath is related to the Safavid era located in Takestan and comprises of three sections: A clock room, hot house and the water pool or Khazineh. The hot chamber is an octagonal structure with four areas for bathing. In its center is on octagonal ...
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