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Thanks to the geographical closeness to the West and to communications with nearby countries' enlightenment movements, Tabriz became the center of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution movements between 1905 and 1911, which led to the establishment ...
Persian Constitutional Revolution took place between 1905 and 1911. The revolution led to the establishment of a parliament in Persia (Iran) during the Qajar (Ghaajaar) Dynasty.
Chosen as the 2018 Tourism Capital City of Islamic Countries, Tabriz in Northern Iran is a historic city overflowing with heritage and culture. Sprawling, with the best bazaar in Iran, beautiful architecture and plenty of Azeri culture to boot – there has been no better time to visit Tabriz then right now!
Tourist Attraction in Qazvin (city)
Tourist Attraction in Qazvin (city)
The same was constructed by Hassan Khan Yoozbashi before the Constitutional Revolution Movement. In the World War I, the same was converted to a garrison by the Russian forces. Later it became a vicinity where merchandise ware dealt with, and thence ...
Tourist Attraction in Qazvin (city)
Tourist Attraction in Qazvin (city)
The said tomb is that of Mirza Hassan, a freedom fighter in the Constitutional Revolutionary Movement. He aided the liberal forces of Gilan in overtaking Tehran. This two storeyed rectangular structure is located in the Qazvin - Karaj Road. The tower ...
Tourist Attraction in Qazvin (city)
Tourist Attraction in Qazvin (city)
The said structure is located to the west of the city and river, and was constructed by Haj Mohammad Hasan Shahroodi. The inn was utilized as a shelter during the Constitutional Revolution Movement.
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