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Tourist Attraction in Tehran (city)
Tourist Attraction in Tehran (city)
Saint Thaddeus Church is the first Armenian and Christian church in Tehran located in Molavi Street. The church was built in 1808 by ten Armenian families who came to Tehran on the order of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar from Jolfa of Isfahan to do glass works for royal palaces.
Tourist Attraction in Chaldoran (Siah Cheshmeh) (city)
Tourist Attraction in Chaldoran (Siah Cheshmeh) (city)
The Monastery of Saint Thaddeus (named in honor of Apostle Thaddeus, in Armenian, Tadevos) near Maku and Chaldoran is extremely isolated in every sense of the word. It is located in the extreme northeastern corner of Iran close to the borders of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. The setting is as Biblical as one can be imagine. Rolling hills, dotted with tents and sheep, surround the place.
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