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Tourist Attraction in Bisotun (Bistoun) (city)
Tourist Attraction in Bisotun (Bistoun) (city)
Alongside the Behistun (Bisotun, Bistun) - Kermanshah Road, is an embossment of a heroic figure leaning against a piece of lion skin. Statue of Hercules is located in Mount Behistun and was discovered around 1957. The statue was sculpted in 153 BCE for ...
Tourist Attraction in Harsin (city)
Tourist Attraction in Harsin (city)
Bistoon is a part of the Harsin township and comprises of two villages named as "Chamchal" and "Shinez". Bistoon the center of the Chamchal Village is located in a mountainous area. The Dinvar River takes its source from four branches originating from ...
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