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Tourist Attraction in Tuyserkan (city)
Tourist Attraction in Tuyserkan (city)
This ancient 'inn' (Also known as Farasfaj Caravansary or Shah Abbas Caravansary) is close to the village of Farasfaj (Towiserkan or Tuyserkan), and belong to the Safavid period. The said structure is square in shape, having four porticos. There ...
Tourist Attraction in Zanjan (city)
Tourist Attraction in Zanjan (city)
Nikpey Caravanserai (Nikpay Caravansary) Also known as Shah Abbasi Caravanserai has been nearly destroyed completely and only part of it remains. It reveals the fact of being built with red brick and from architectural point of view it is a caravansary ...
City in 'Tehran' Province
City in 'Tehran' Province
Ray is one of the oldest cities of Iran. About 300 BC, one of the successors of Alexander (Solukus) named Ray as "Oriyoos". Thereafter the Parthians named the same "Arsakia" and "Arshakiyeh". During the reign of the Sassanids ‘Ray’ found its current ...
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