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Tourist Attraction in Nayshabur (city)
Tourist Attraction in Nayshabur (city)
One of the eye-catching sites is the garden which envelopes the resting place of the great scholar, mathematician, philosopher and poet, Hakim Omar Khayam. The said garden belonged to him. The exact date of his death have not been specified and it is ...
Tourist Attraction in Nayshabur (city)
Tourist Attraction in Nayshabur (city)
The tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim and Imamzadeh Muhammad Mahruq (Emamzadeh Mahroogh) is one of the historical sites which dates back to the Timurid and Safavid period in 10th century AH. Amazing tile-works of the portico, the entrance to the shrine, including ...
Iran is the land of four seasons, history and culture, souvenir and authenticity. This is not a tourism slogan, this is the reality inferred from the experience of visitors who have been impressed by Iran’s beauties and amazing attractions.
Director Behruz Gharibpur plans to restage the “Khayyam” opera puppet show with his Aran Puppet Theater Group at Tehran’s Ferdowsi Hall on Wednesday.
News (August 13, 2018 | 10:40:51)
News (August 13, 2018 | 10:40:51)
The 5th edition of Khayyam International Exhibition of Photography will open at the Iranian Academy of Arts in Tehran on Friday.
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