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Tourist Attraction in Shiraz (city)
Tourist Attraction in Shiraz (city)
At the center of Shiraz, lies an old school that once was one of the biggest study centers of Iran. Having been founded in the early 18 century AD, by the governor of Shiraz at the time, Allaah Verdi Khan and with the support of Shah Abbas, the Safavid king, was once among the scholastic centers where Shiite Fiqh was taught and, owing to his renowned master, Mulla Sadra, the Iranian philosopher, was then highly recognized.
Tourist Attraction in Yazd (city)
Tourist Attraction in Yazd (city)
Khan School in Yazd comprises of a large and a small school. The small school has been built by Mohammad Taqi Khan son of Mirza Mohammad Baqer Bafqi known as great Khan who was progenitor of a dynasty named Khavanin-e-Yazd (The Khans of Yazd). Ali-Naqi ...
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