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Tourist Attraction in Tehran (city)
Tourist Attraction in Tehran (city)
Masjid-e Imam (formerly Masjid-e Shah) is a congregational mosque located in the historic bazaar of Tehran. Fath Ali Shah Qajar commissioned the building, which is dated to 1824/1240 AH in an inscription.
Tourist Attraction in Semnan (city)
Tourist Attraction in Semnan (city)
Founded under Fath-Ali Shah in the 1820s, this mosque is a large courtyard affair with four iwans at the cardinal points – the higher east and west ones offer a measured use of restrained colored brickwork. On Friday mornings the courtyard is filled with colorful carpets to prepare for lunchtime prayers.
Tourist Attraction in Tehran (city)
Tourist Attraction in Tehran (city)
This bazaar is located between Imam Khomeini Mosque or the former Shah Mosque and the Jame’ Mosque. It was constructed during the reign of Mohammad Shah Qajar. This bazaar deals with stationary articles.
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