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Tourist Attraction in Qom (city)
Tourist Attraction in Qom (city)
The Jamkaran castle lies 6 km. east of Qom, and in the village of Jamkaran. This castle is also known as the "Gabri castle" and is a remnant of the pre-Islamic age. The same was utilized in the Islamic period too, and the inhabitants of this vicinity ...
The ruined Gabri fort, which is said to date from Sassanid era, will be turned into an outdoor museum, an official with the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization said on Tuesday.
Tourist Attraction in Kermanshah (city)
Tourist Attraction in Kermanshah (city)
The other castles of the province are as follows: Qela Hajir 18 km. north west of Sahneh, Yazdgerdi Castle 12 km. north west of Rijab -Yan Zardeh district of Kerend, Zardeh castle in north western Rijab, Shahin Castle in 18 km. of Qasr-e-Shirin - Kermanshah ...
Tourist Attraction in Semnan (city)
Tourist Attraction in Semnan (city)
These are named as, Koosh Moqan, Lasjerd, Jarmand, Gang Dej, Dej Lajervardi Castles in Semnan, the Miami and Zeydar Castles in Miami, the Bonkooh Castle, the historical castle of Bateri and Robat Mari Castle in Garmsar, Gur Qalleh, Qalleh-e-Amir Abad ...
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