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Zanjan Rood River

Related to Zanjan city (located in Zanjan province)
Also known as: Zanjanchai, Zanjanroud, Zanjanrood, Zanjan Chaai
AKA: Zanjanrood, Zanjanrud, ZanjanChai and Zanjan-Chay (Persian: زنجان رود - زنجان چای)
This river originates from Chaman Soltanieh and the Aq Daq Mountains. After flowing through a part of the outskirts of Zanjan and the territory of Chaipareh, together with smaller rivers, joins the Qezel Ozan River near Rejeen. Throughout its course, leisure ...
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zanjanchai,zanjanrood,zanjan rood,river,زنجانرود,زنجان رود,زنجانچای,زنجان چای,رودخانه,river,zanjanchay,zanjan chay
Zanjanrood River
zanjanchai,zanjanrood,zanjan rood,river,زنجانرود,زنجان رود,زنجانچای,زنجان چای,رودخانه
Zanjanchai River
zanjanchai,zanjanrood,zanjan rood,river,زنجانرود,زنجان رود,زنجانچای,زنجان چای,رودخانه,river,zanjanchay,zanjan chay
ZanjanChaii River in Zanjan City
zanjanchai,zanjanrood,zanjan rood,river,زنجانرود,زنجان رود,زنجانچای,زنجان چای,رودخانه
Zanjan Rivers
Zanjan Attractions & Tourist Information
The township of Zanjan is composed of two large valleys known as 'Zanjan Rood' and 'Sefid Rood'. In between which the Qanavol and Angooran Mountains lie. Zanjan has moderate summers and cold winters. The distance between Zanjan and Tehran is 328 km. Zanjan ...
Dome of Soltaniyeh (Gonbad-e Soltanieh) lies south west of the Cohan Dej (Royal citadel). It was constructed during the reign of Soltan Mohammad Khoda Bandeh (Muhammad ...
Zanjaan Bazaar is located in the ancient network of the city and consists of two portions such as the Bazaar-e-Bala or upper section and the 'Bazaar-e-Paieen' ...
Category: Museums
Rakhtshooy Khaneh means a wash-house which is located in the heart of the historical urban area of Zanjan province. It is placed in a densely residential area. ...
The historical complex of the Zolfaqary edifice (Zolfaghari House) is located in the central network of the old part of the Zanjan city. This comprises of the so ...
Category: Mosques
The Jame Mosque and school of Zanjan (Seyyed Mosque) is situated in the old part of the city. The said construction was erected by Abdollah Mirza Dara, or the eleventh ...
Katalehkhor Cave (Katale Khor) is located 140 km. south west of Zanjan, in the southern skirts of the Saqizloo mountains. The inlet to this cave stands 6-8 m. above ...
The Zayandeh Rood (Zayanderud or Payandehrud) is one of the most important rivers of the central plateau of Iran. This Rivere has come to be known by this name, ...
Afrineh Waterfall (Pol-e-Dokhtar)
Category: Waterfalls, Rivers
Afrineh waterfall is located in Lorestan province, in the path from Khorram Abad to Pol Dokhtar. Afrineh waterfall is located in a village with the same name. this ...
Arvand Rud River (Khorramshahr)
Category: Rivers
The Arvand Rudd River flows in the townships of Khoram Shahr, Abadan and to the west of the Minoo Island (Minushahr). This river is known as the Shatt al-Arab (Shat-ol-arab) ...
Aras River (Jolfa)
Category: Rivers
ARAS River (Rood-e ARAS) is the most important and largest river in the northern section of the province of East Azarbayjan. The length of the said being 1,072 ...
Germou (Hot Spring) (Khalilabad)
The hot spring of Khalilabad (Germou or Garmoo), 240 km southwest of Mashhad, with a temperature of 25° C, is said to be particularly beneficial for dermatological ...
Jajrood River (Tehran)
Category: Rivers
Jajrood (Jajrud river) is one of the most important Rivers of Tehran province which originate from Kaloon Bastak Mountains in Mazandaran Province. After irrigating ...
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