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Choobin (wooden) Mosque - near Nishabur

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A beautiful Wooden Mosque is located in this Village. This mosque is built according to earthquake seismicity of Nishapur. It is regarded as the first earthquake-proof Wooden Mosque in the world that has an area of 200 square meters. It has a gable roof with two minarets, each of them has a height of 13 meter and a weight of almost 4 ton. Its appearance is like a ship placed upside down on the ground.
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Choobin (wooden) Village

Related to Nayshabur (Nishapur) (in Khorasan Razavi province)
Choubin Village (or Woodwork village) is located near Neyshabour in Khorasan Razavi province, in northeastern Iran. The unique wooden village has been constructed by Engineer Hamid Mojtahedi and is one ...
The city of Nayshabur lies in a level plain and is 768 km. from Tehran. The Binalood heights are to the north, and other heights run northwest of the city. The railroad of Tehran - Mashad passes through ...
Choobin Village near Nishabur
Chobin Village near Nishabur
Choobin Village near Nishabur
Choobin Village near Nishabur
Choobin (wooden) Mosque - Neishapur
Wooden Village (Choobin) - Nishabur (Khorasan Razavi)
Choobin (wooden) Mosque - near Nishabur
Masjid Choobin - Neyshabur
Inside Choobin Mosque near Nishabur
Wooden Mosque (Choobin) - Nishabur (Khorasan Razavi)
Choobin Village near Nishabur
Choubin (wooden) Village near Nishabur
Choobin Village near Nishabur
Wooden Village (Choobin) - Nishabur (Khorasan Razavi)
Choubin (wooden) Mosque - near Neishaboor
Choobin (wooden) Mosque - near Nishabur
Choobin Village near Nishabur
Chubin Village near Nishabur
Iran is the land of four seasons, history and culture, souvenir and authenticity. This is not a tourism slogan, this is the reality inferred from the experience of visitors who have been impressed by Iran’s beauties and amazing attractions.
Antiquity and richness of its culture and civilization, the variety of natural and geographical attractions, four - season climate, diverse cultural sites in addition to different tribes with different and fascinating traditions and customs have made Iran as a treasury of tangible and intangible heritage.
Iran is the land of four seasons, history and culture, souvenir and authenticity. This is not a tourism slogan!
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