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Norwegian photographer Mats Alexander Grenabo hangs works in Tehran

Norwegian photographer Mats Alexander Grenabo hangs works in Tehran

July 7, 2018 | 16:03:53
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Speaking to the Persian service of Honaronline, Iranian art expert Munes Mahmudi, who is the curator of the showcase, said Grenabo was highly interested in displaying his works in Iran.
She added that they spent about one year organizing the exhibit. Videos show the process at the exhibition.

“Grenabo is a technician at the National Theater in Oslo. He places high significance on the material and patterns in his works to achieve the structures he likes in his works. He does the photography through the macro lens, which allows him to take sharp, detailed and close-up photos of small subjects, and later he combines them in a computer,” she explained.
He gradually puts the layers of several photos on one another to achieve the final image he likes.

“Ice is the major element in his works. Ice is a temporal object and is the symbol of uncertainty. One cannot easily say his works are merely photography or digital art. It is something in between,” she added.

She also said that Grenabo is a frequent traveler who wanted to visit Iran, too.
He used to listen to Iranian music while creating the collection for the exhibition. He has also made use of Persian calligraphy in some of his works, she added.

The exhibition opened on June 29 and will be running until July 10.
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