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Hydrotherapy in heart of desert

Hydrotherapy in heart of desert

September 8, 2018 | 10:25:19
آبگرم,آب گرم
Warm water springs, as one of great ecotourism potentials of the country, can draw tourists, generate revenues and boost the economy.
Warm water springs in eastern Iran and South Khorasan Province are appealing to many Iranian and foreign tourists each year.

Ab Torsh Spa:
located 34km to the northwest of Sarbisheh, is among the hydrotherapy complexes in South Khorasan Province.
The water of pools of the complex has healing properties and is also potable. In addition, the mountainous view of the complex is attractive for visitors.
The spring flows from andesite basalt stones. The high amount of CO2 and silica minerals reveals the depth of spring water.
The best time to visit the spa is in spring and summer.

Ferdows Mineral Water:
Ferdows Mineral Water, which is located along the highway linking Ferdows to Mashhad, has a history of 20 years.
It is useful for skin diseases, liver diseases, joint pains and rheumatism. It can prevent the formation of kidney stone, relieve muscle pain and spasms and alleviate spinal pain.
Therefore, Ferdows Mineral Water is one of the natural attractions in the east of country which hosts many people every day. The complex is considered as an Exemplary Tourism Zone.
Managing Director of Ferdows Mineral Water Complex Mohammad Nabili-Moqaddam said over 300,000 tourists visit the complex each year to benefit from its mineral water. He added that more than 80,000 visited the area during Norouz holidays.
The complex boasts 23 three-star villas, he said.

Ab Garm Loot Spa:
Ab Garm Loot Spa is located 75km from Khosf, South Khorasan Province. The spa includes two pools of stone and lime.
Manager of Ab Garm Loot Complex Dariush Khosravi said the complex was renovated and equipped in 2006, adding that over 15,000 tourists visited the complex since then.
Currently, 40 rooms and suites are available for tourists, he said. The complex boasts solar power and free arbors, he added.

Morteza Ali Spring:
located in heart of Tabas desert in South Khorasan Province. This spring boasts both cold and warm waters.
Given its tourism potentials and healing properties, the spring can boost economic development and tourism industry of the province.
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