October 13, 2019 | 08:10
(Iran Frontpage)
A group of Instagram influencers with some 16 million followers in total are visiting Iran on a FAM-Trip (familiarization trip) organized by Iranian globetrotter Hoda Rostami, a social media influencer trying her best to offer the fascinating image of Iran to the world and encourage foreign tourists ...
October 12, 2019 | 10:06
(Travel to Iran)
Iran plans to create its first space theme park in the southern Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf.
October 7, 2019 | 10:59
(travel to Iran)
Iran has been introduced by United Nations World Tourism Organization as the world’s second fastest growing tourist destination in 2018, with 49.9 percent growth in arrivals year on year.
October 6, 2019 | 13:08
(Travel to Iran)
Earlier in September the World Economic Forum (WEF) ranked Iran first in the world as a pocket-friendly destination.
October 4, 2019 | 10:53
(Travel to Iran)
Tehran Municipality has announced its various tourism programs to mark Tehran Week, which comes to end on October 10.
September 30, 2019 | 09:52
(Travel to iran)
Archaeologists have unearthed some remains of an ancient monument in Mehrdasht village, which is situated in Malard county, southwest of Tehran.
September 30, 2019 | 09:16
The Glass and Ceramic Museum of Tehran will this evening host a meeting to discuss Muharram rituals which were held during Qajar era (1789–1925) at Tekyeh Dowlat, a royal theater in downtown Tehran.
September 28, 2019 | 09:22
(Iran Tourism)
The number of foreign visitors arriving in Iran surged 30 percent during the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21 – August 22), compared with the same period last year, deputy tourism minister has said.
September 25, 2019 | 12:15
(Visit Iran)
A cultural exhibition, revolving around peace and friendship along the famed Silk Roads, opened to the public in the city of Hamedan on Monday.
September 24, 2019 | 17:10
(Iran Cinema)
The 8½ Film Club in Iran will organize sessions to review films by Polish film director and screenwriter Krzysztof Kieslowski (1941–1996) in a program named “Polish Grief”.
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