February 18, 2020 | 18:08
(Iran Tourism)
Finally the wait is over for many tourism lovers in Iran as the country has introduced “Simurgh” - a huge mythical bird of Persian legend credited with possessing great wisdom – as its national brand for tourism.
February 17, 2020 | 12:17
(Iran Travel)
Rig Jenn (“Dune of the Jinn”), a barren desert situated in central Iran, will host tens of motorists driving a variety of 4WD cars for a rally scheduled to be held on February 20 and 21.
February 13, 2020 | 15:05
Many visitors to Ameri House (also called “Khaneh-ye Ameriha), which in fact constitutes one ring of a circle of historical mansions in Kashan, say it is a must-see destination while making an excursion to the oasis city that lies on the margins of a central Iranian desert.
February 10, 2020 | 10:21
(Tehran Tourism)
Tehran Municipality has suggested to host the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s Global Summit on Urban Tourism in 2021.
February 9, 2020 | 10:18
(The Independent)
Iran was ranked the third fastest growing tourism destination in the globe in 2019, with 27.9 percent growth year on year, according to the latest statistics released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
February 8, 2020 | 10:30
(Iran News)
Iran will be hosting dozens conferences and meetings within the frame of the “Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Calendar of Events 2020”, however, four of which will be in tourism sphere.
February 1, 2020 | 15:06
(Iran News)
Entry will be free to a major Spanish cultural heritage show in Tehran on the occasion of the Ten-Day Dawn, which marks the 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.
January 31, 2020 | 16:43
The UNESCO-listed Mausoleum of Oljaytu, which is commonly known as “Dome of Soltaniyeh” (Soltaniyeh Cupola), is one of Iran’s must-visit destinations for those interested in traditional Persian and genuine Islamic architecture.
January 28, 2020 | 14:28
(Iran News)
Tehran’s Marble Palace, a historical building of Pahlavi era, will open to public after decades.
January 24, 2020 | 10:26
(Travel to Iran)
Iran’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts has developed an action plan in order to get the country’s tourism sector back on track as it has suffered losses in the wake of recent political tensions in the region.
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