Lamerd City

Lamerd is a city and capital of Lamerd County, Fars Province, Iran. Its main industries are based on its rich natural gas sources. Tabnak, Homa, Shanol, Varavi are important Gas Zones in this area. Lamerd Airport serves the city.

Lamerd was historically part of the region of Irahistan. The people of Lamerd are closely related to the Achomi people. Achomi or Ajami people are a Persian ethnic group who inhabit primarily in Southern Fars, and Hormozgan Province, Iran. Significant numbers of Achomi people have migrated to Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and other Persian Gulf Arab countries in the region.
Eshkanan Castle Lamerd
Eshkanan Castle Lamerd
Aab Anbars in Lamerd (Traditional reservoir)
Aab Anbars in Lamerd (Traditional reservoir)
Eshkanan Castle Lamerd
Alikhan Mosque
Tang Tarman - Lamerd
Old Portal of Jame mosque of Lamerd
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