Khash (Khaash) City

The township of Khash is in the neighborhood of the township of Zahedan in Sistan va Balouchestan Province which stands to the north, and to its west and south is Iran Shahr. Due to its high altitude, that is in respect to the other townships and the 'Taftan' peak, which is located to the north, accounts as one of the most pleasant regions of the province climatically.

Khash is one of the most ancient vicinities of Sistan Va Baluchestan, and dates back to times before that of Nader Shah. Before the reign of Nader, this region was prone to insecurity because of the high-way pirates, and thereby held no importance. But Nader Shah put an end to these conditions, thus peace prevailed.

A few castles were then constructed in the region causing it to flourish. On the assassination of Nader, the British government entered this area and were responsible for the constructions there. Thus the place took the face of a city in the course of time.
Khaash Jame Mosque
Heidarabad Castle - Khaash
Sardarya Lake - Khaash
Taftan Mountain - Khaash
Taftan Mountain - Khaash
Taftan Mountain - Khaash
Taftan Mountain - Khaash
Category: Mountains
The mountainous area and Taftan peak (Taftaan) is located in the southeast of Iran, and within a distance of 50 km. southeast of Khash city. This mountain embraces the Taftan ... MORE
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This pool lies in the northwest of the Taftan Mountains and in the Kooteh Village. This is a natural and oval shaped pool which gains its water from the various springs in ... MORE
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