Kashmar City

Kashmar is situated west of the province of Khorassan and lies 926 km. from Tehran. The river Sish Taraz which flows by Kashmar has the famous historical Shahi Dyke spanning its waters . Due to influences of the desert the southern part of Kashmar is warm, and in the northern areas a temperate climate prevails. In older times Kashmar was known as "Torshiz". In the year 520 AH, the city was plundered by Sultan Sanjar Saljuqi, after which it became an important centre of the Esmailieh sect.

After their defeat the city thrived again, only to be ruined by Amir Teymour Goorkani. Historical monuments of the region date back to the 7th and 8th century AH.

The city is a major producer of raisins and has about 40 types of grapes. It is also internationally recognised for exporting saffron, and handmade Persian rugs.

There are many places of interest in this city like "Aramgah Seyyed murtaza" and "Bagh Mazar" and "Aramgahe seyyed mohammade Abed" and "Aramgahe modarres".

The history of this city comes back to Zoroaster and Sarv-e Abarqu, the Cypress of Kashmar (see also oldest tree). It seems that this is the single miracle of this prophet there are many fables about this.
Emamzadeh Seyed Morteza - Kashmar
Ashura in Kashmar
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