Kangan (Bandar Kangan) City

in Bushehr province
Kangan in BUSHEHR Province  lies in the extreme south eastern region of the province on the coast of Persian Gulf. Bandar-e-Taheri being one of its districts, was an important center of trade and commerce in the 4th century AH. The Port of Siraf or 'Bandar-e-Siraf', west of this region was one of the largest ports of Iran in the Persian Gulf and after Shiraz it ranked as the second city of the province of 'Ardeshir Khoreh'. The Thermal spring of 'Mianloo' north of Kangan is a place worth seeing.
Bandar Kangan
Bandar Kangan
Bandar Kangan
Bandar Kangan
Bandar Kangan
Bandar Kangan
Bandar Kangan
Bandar Kangan
Category: Springs
This spring is located west of Mir Ahmad 60 km. on the Bushehr - Bandar Abbas Road. This mineral water contains calcium sulfate, together with magnesium and sodium ...
Category: Rivers
This river takes its source from the heights south east of Kazeroon and south west of Shiraz, flowing into the Persian Gulf in the south of 'Bandar-e-Kangan.' The ...
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