Jiroft City

Jiroft is situated in the southern sector of KERMAN province and lies at a distance of 1,375 km. from Tehran. Jiroft is one of the most fertile townships of Kerman. To the north-east of which is Bam, to its south stands the township of Kahnooj and in the west is in the limits of Baft. The city of Jiroft is located between two rivers, in a vast plain and on the southern skirts of the Barez Mountain Ranges.

It is obvious that in the higher regions Jiroft experiences a cold climate, whereas in the low-lying areas it is warm.The ruins of the old city of Jiroft (known as Sabzvaran) are at a distance of 1 km. from its present location. The origin of the former is said to be from times immemorial.

Jiroft culture:
A "Jiroft culture" has been postulated as an early Bronze Age (late 3rd millennium BC) archaeological culture, located in the territory of present-day Sistan and Kermān Provinces of Iran. The hypothesis is based on a collection of artifacts that were confiscated in Iran and accepted by many to have derived from the Jiroft area in south central Iran, reported by online Iranian news services, beginning in 2001.

The proposed type site is Konar Sandal, near Jiroft in the Halil River area. Other significant sites associated with the culture include; Shahr-e Sukhteh (Burnt City), Tepe Bampur, Espiedej, Shahdad, Tal-i-Iblis and Tepe Yahya.
Historical findings in Jiroft represent ancient Iranian civilization
Jiroft Museum
Samooran Castle - Jiroft
Samooran Castle - Jiroft
Jiroft Museum
Samooran Castle - Jiroft
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