Izeh (Eazeh) City

The township of Izeh (Eazeh) in Khouzestan Province has cold winters and moderate summers, with the city of Eazeh as its center. Eazeh lies at a distance of 1,082 km. from Tehran. This land was one of the old centers of civilization, even so during the Elamite period, and was considered as one of the prospering areas. The ancient "Anzan" or "Anshan" was also located close to the city of Eazeh.

The Greeks florished here during the time of the Selooki or Seleucidians. Even during the Sassanian period the old city of Eazeh (or Izeh) existed. During the early Islamic period, this city proved to be one of the important cities of Khuzestan, and had an independent ruler. In the Attabak period, the city was called Malmir (Mal-e-Amir means belonging to Amir). Later on the name of Eazeh was completely forgotten, and it was during the Pahlavi reign that it was re-focused on.

Till the year 1953, Eazeh was a district of Ahvaz (Ahwaz) and it was only in 1958 that it was claimed to be a township.

In the Elamite period it was known as Ayapir and sometimes Ayatem. Arabs called the town as Idhaj. The local dynasty of Lor Atabakan the Greats (Atabakan-e Lor-e-Bozorg) renamed it in Malemir or Malmir ("king’s house" or "capital"). This name has been used until 1935 when with government's approval, it is changed again to Izeh.
Izeh Ancient Cemetry
Dasht-e Soosan (Soosan Plain) near Izeh
Shiman Village - Izeh
Shiman Village - Izeh
The Stone Lion in Shiman Village - near Izeh
grassland in Izeh
Izeh Ancient Cemetry
Tal Historical Castle - Izeh
Eshkaft Salman (Tarisha Temple) Izeh
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Shami Graveyard located in Shami village, north of Eazeh in Khuzestan Province. In this vicinity a large number of tombs resembling those belonging to the Sassanide ...
Kool Farah (Kool-e farah or Kul-e Farah  Rock Relief) is an ancient heritage site near Izeh (Eizeh), Khuzestan Province. This Elamite temple consists of six engravings ...
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A part of the mountainous region of Mongasht is located in the township of Eazeh which has very high mountains. It is considered to be one of the longest semi branches ...
Category: Mountains
The forest mountain of Doto is located to the southeast of Eazeh and rises to a height of approximately 3,170 m. This mountain joins Mount Kalleh from the south ...
In the Bard Nebeshteh Valley there is an irregular piece of stone present alongside the mountain. They are carved by excellent skilled artisans. The carvings show ...
Category: Caves
The same is located at a distance of 3 km. from the current city of Eazeh. Eshkoft Salman is a cave within a natural rock, which has a spring with clear and sweet ...
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