Shemiranat City

Shemiranat is located to the north of Tehran and has many sight-seeing places as well as pilgrimage sites. Some of which are summer residing quarters of the slopes of Alborz Mountains as well as mausoleum of Imamzadeh Qasem which is a monument of the 10th century AH.
Scaled-down architectural models of famous Iranian buildings are dotted around this lovely, spacious walled garden surrounded by small boutiques, cafes and a restaurant. ... MORE
Category: Museums, Gardens
Tehran Music Museum in Tajrish square is one of the most spectacular museums of the capital. This museum opened its door to the public in 2009 to preserve the country’s national ... MORE
Category: Mountains
The southern slopes of the Alborz Mountains is called Touchal, and is considered to be the main and famous vicinity for mountaineers and sportsmen of Tehran. Various shelters ... MORE
Lavizan Forest Park is a large forested area in the Lavizaan neighborhood in northeast Tehran, with stunning views of Tehran CityScape, which is, of course, usually shrouded ... MORE
Category: Valleys
These two districts are placed at 30 and 35 km north-east of Tehran respectively. It has a moderate climate in spring and summer. The following villages nearby provide leisure ... MORE
Category: Waterfalls
This waterfall is at a height of 2,700 m., under the shelter of Sheer Palla. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Shemiranat region. The surrounding prove to ... MORE
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