Harsin City

Harsin is one of the southeastern townships of Kermanshah and enjoys a temperate climate. Harsin is one of the ancient areas of Kermanshah Province. In this area there are relics belonging to the Sassanide period, also an engraved tablet in the mountain, stony pond, stony arched ceilings, stony stairway, castle and other works have remained.. The historical record of Harsin is linked with that of Kermanshah.

A reputed historian has mentioned the name of Harsin in his records during the rule of Shah Soltan Khodabandehloo during the war between the Ottoman and Iranian soldiers. In the Qajar period, the rulership of this area was given to Aminoroaya and his offspring. This area in recent years has changed into an independent township.

Harsin is one of the southeastern cities of Kermanshah province and is at a distance of 23 km. to the Kermanshah - Tehran Road and at a distance of 566 km. from Tehran
Goordakhmeh Barnaaj - Harsin
Goordakhmeh Barnaaj - Harsin
Goordakhmeh Barnaaj - Harsin
Stone Clock - Harsin
Chehr Bridge - Harsin
Markher Cave (Khor Cave) Harsin
Ganjdareh Historical Hill - Harsin
Ganjdareh Historical Hill - Harsin
Sarab-e Bisotoun - Harsin
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