Delijan City

The township of Delijan is to the south east of MARKAZI province, and at an intersecting point. It is located en route the Esfahan - Tehran Road, and is 409 km. from Tehran. In the past Delijan was a very big city with four gates on four sides. It is said that it extended almost to Khorheh. Chal-nakhjir Cave or Delijan Cave is one of the natural touristic attractions of Delijan.

Historical relics such as earthenware, ditches, and beautiful bricks confirm its greatness and antiquity. Due to its geographical position, Delijan has gradually developed and in 1980 was changed to a township. The famous caves of Chal Nakhjir and Kahak are near this township.

Delijan is an industrial city and is home to several popular carpet companies like the Mahestan, Setareh Talaii and Said companies. Also home of several companies producing a type of roof isolation called "Isogam".The area North-East of Delijan is populated by seven villages, this area is referred to as Jasb.
Modarres Sq. - Delijan
Chal Nakhjir Cave - Delijan
Chal Nakhjir Cave - Delijan
Chal Nakhjir Cave - Delijan
Chal Nakhjir Cave - Delijan
Emamzadeh Hamzeh - Delijan
Category: Caves
Chal-e-Nakhjir Cave located between Naraagh (city) and Delijan City is a limestone cave approximately 70 million years old. Parts of the cave including its internal ...
Category: Caves
Kahak cave near Delijan City and Arak City in Markazi Province is one of the most attractive ones in Iran. The cave’s wonderful scenes and its massive chambers ...
Category: Temples
The historical Khorheh Village is located to the west of main road running between Tehran and Esfahan. To the west of which is an archaeological relic related to ...
Category: Villages
The Khorheh (or Khurheh) Village is one of the archaic regions of the Markazi (Central) province, and is located at 31 km. to the north west of Delijan. The seasonal ...
Category: Bazaars
The historic city of Naraq is en route Delijan to Kashan. Its ancient and historical covered bazaar is a valuable relic. This bazaar was constructed of mortar and ...
Category: Caravanserais
The same is located on the eastern banks of the Qomrood River and on the Dodehak - Khorheh Road, and near the historical Safavid caravansary of Dodehak. It is related ...
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