Dargaz (Daregaz) City

Daregaz (Dargaz) is located in the north of Khorassan Razavi and is 910 km. from Tehran. It has a relatively tropical climate, and being adjacent to the borders of Iran and Turkmenistan it holds an important military position. Historical evidences here are from the Afsharieh era. The city of Kalat was occupied and plundered by Amir Teimoor at the end of the 8th century AH. Thereafter Nader Shah took advantage of conditions and Kalat was renamed ‘Kalat-e-Nadery’.

After the death of Nader Shah Klat was governed by a successor who claimed to be one of the government of Iran. Daregaz today is one of the most flourishing cities of the province.

For the period before the advent of the Safavids (r. 1501-1722), the historic city of Abivard was one of the educational centers of Islamic and Arabic scholarship in eastern Iran. Under the Saljuqids, Muhammad born Ahmad al-Abivardi (died 1114), was one of the renowned poets and litterateurs who, later in his life, settled for a while in Baghdad, but on the account of his Shi'ite proclivities was persecuted by the Abbasids. He then attended the court of the Saljuq Sultan Muhammad and was appointed to the position of Chief Accountant of the court.

Another contemporary famous name from Abivard is Ali born Muhammad Anvari-Abivardi (died c. 1191), one of the great classical poets of Iran. After the Mongol invasion of Iran and Iraq, Husam al-Din Abivardi (died after 1324) is mentioned as one of the theologians attending the court of the Abbasid caliphs of Egypt.
Chehelmir Valley - Dargaz
HezarMasked Waterfall - Dargaz
Allameh Shahrestani's Tomb - Dargaz
Emam Ghanbar complex - Dargaz
Emam Ghanbar complex - Dargaz
Chehelmir Valley - Dargaz
Naderi Mountain - Dargaz
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