Bijar City

The township of Bijar is located in the north east of Kurdestan province and it is restricted from the north to the provinces of Zanjan and west Azarbayjan, from the east to the provinces of Zanjan and Hamadan, from the south to the township of Qorveh and from the west to the township of Sanandaj.

It's center is Bijar which is at a distance of 518 km. from Tehran. Bijar is one of the fertile areas of Kurdestan. Its climate in winter is cold and dry and is moderate in summer. In the Kurdish language the willow tree is called 'Bi' and the area of such trees is called 'Bijar.' Thus because of abundance of willow trees, it means the region of willows.

Bijar has enjoyed fame for its carpets since the Achaemenid era. Present day carpets and rugs have 100–200 Turkish knots per inch and are distinguished by their stiff and heavy wool foundation, created by "wet weaving" and beating the threads together with a special metal tool.

Bijar carpets are famously stronger and longer-lasting than any others. They are made by Kurdish women in the villages around the town. The loom is set vertically against the side of the house. The designs have strong clear colours and have never been out of fashion with overseas buyers. Nowadays dyes are high quality synthetics.

The motifs are mainly floral adaptations of classical Persian designs. Herati and boteh motifs are common, as are central medallions and sometimes representations of animals and willows. These are set against a dark background of blue, red or green. In relation to the size of the carpet, borders are small, with up to eight bands.
Salavat-Abad Bridge - Bijar
Saraab Gorgin - Bijar
Khosroabad Mosque - Bijar
Old Bazaar - Bijar
Emamzadeh Khezr - Bijar
Chaal-Tappeh , Bijar
Nesar Ski Resort - Bijar
Nesar Ski Resort - Bijar
Nature near Bijar
Nesar Ski Resort - Bijar
Category: Ski resorts
This Ski Resort is located in Zagros mountainous region around Bijar city in Kurdistan province. The ski resort lies on the slopes of Nesar Kuh (Mt Nesar), where ...
The same is located at a distance of 12 km. from the Qamechoqay village of Bijar, and to the north of the Bijar - Takab Road. This archaic castle can be accounted ...
This historical tower is located in the western sector of Arabshah Village about 40 km. south of Bijar close to the Hamadan - Bijar Road. The form, materials, and ...
Category: Springs
In the Qeshlaq Loo village, in the districts of the Bijar township 30 km. west of Bijar there is a bitter mineral water spring. The same is en route from Bijar ...
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