Behbahan City

The township of Behbahan in Khuzestan Province has a semi-desert like climate, with hot scorching summers and rainy winters. Its center is Behbahan city, which is located at a distance of 1,105 km. from Tehran. The ruling center of ancient times was known as "Qobad Foreh" and "Arkan". Qobad Ebne Firooz was the first person responsible for constructing "Arrehjan" (Behbahan) city.

During the Sassanian era, the city of Arrehjan which is located at a distance of 12 km. from the current city of Behbahan, was erected. After the destruction of Arrehjan city, the inhabitants flocked to Behbahan. In the 4th century BC the city of Arrehjan was fully populated, but in the second half of the 8th century, not a trace of Arrehjan remained, and in a short period the current city of Behbahan replaced the former.
Anjirak Village - Behbahan
Persian Narcissus (Daffodil) Farms - Behbahan
Persian Narcissus (Daffodil) Farms - Behbahan
Anjirak Village - Behbahan
Marun River (Maroon) -  Behbahan
Anjirak Village - Behbahan
Marron Dam (Marun) Recreational Village - Behbahan
Emamzadeh Ali - Behbahan
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Tang-e-Tekab in Behbahan - Kohkiluyeh border, Tang-e-Balengestan at frontier of Tayebi (warm region) and Behbahan suburb. The narrow passes of Abdal, Nayab, Mangzoz ...
Category: Ancient Cities
The ancient city of Arjan is situated at a distance of 10 km. north of Behbahan. Today, only hillocks from this city have remained which belong to the Sassanide ...
The Arjan Castle in Behbahan township has been constructed at the top of Sanglakh Mountain stuck to a colossal slab of stone. Rain water was used to be collected ...
To the west of the Behbahan plains, amidst the small and scattered meadows, there are the ruins of 'Behgovad' or 'Behgovaz'city which was used to extend 20 ...
Category: Bridges
This bridge is a relic of Sassanide period, and was constructed on the Taab River en route from Behbahan to Imamzadeh Ja'far. Now a days in summer, with depression ...
En route Behbahan to Kheir Abad, there are the remnants of three rectangular water reservoirs made of gypsum and mortar. At present it is devoid of ceilings and ...
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